CERN LHC Illuminati Cabal Exposed? Satanic Human Sacrifice Video Was Real: USAF Officer Under Attack After Helping To Identify Missing Female Victim, Conspiracy Theorists Claim

A dark and ominous rumor circulating in the conspiracy theory blogosphere claims that despite efforts by the Illuminati-controlled CERN authorities to deceive the public by claiming that recent sinister footage showing a human sacrifice ritual ceremony on CERN grounds was fake, evidence has emerged that the sacrificial ritual was real.

According to the bizarre rumor, the victim of the sacrificial ritual was a young Swiss woman who was declared missing and later dead by U.S. police authorities.

New details about the alleged sinister Satanic human sacrifice ritual ceremony, that reportedly occurred last month on CERN grounds in Geneva, originated from a notorious source of dark online conspiracy theories, What Does It Mean.

The conspiracy theory website claims that an intelligence report compiled for Kremlin officials by the Russian Main Intelligence Directorate (GRU) and the Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) reveals that "satanic ritual sacrifice" of a 29-year-old Swiss woman actually occurred on secure CERN grounds, in front of the statue of Shiva, the ancient Hindu god of death and destruction.

The alleged sacrificial ritual ceremony occurred last month, but footage of the sinister incident emerged online for the first time on August 11, 2016 (see video above), the report claims.

According to the alleged Russian intelligence report, a U.S. Air Force officer, whose intercepted electronic email communications helped Russian intelligence officials to uncover the identity of the alleged sacrificial victim, has come under "'withering/ferocious' attack by the Obama regime."

GRU specialists allegedly stumbled upon information that helped them identify the sacrificial victim while they were working with the 310th Space Wing of the U.S. Air Force, as part of efforts under the Jordan-based combined Russian Federation--U.S. Joint Implementation Group (JIG) to coordinate U.S.-Russian aerial operations against ISIS.

As Russian military and intelligence officials worked to integrate their satellite systems with U.S. systems, they accidentally captured communication from the Reserve National Security Space Institute (HQ-RNSSI), an arm of the 310th Space Wing, at Peterson Air Force Base in Colorado.

According to the report, GRU operatives were able to capture a series of electronic communications from U.S. Air Force Major Steve Lewis. The emails contained information about the recent flight itinerary of a U.S. Air Mobility Command (AMC) C-40 Clipper aircraft.

The aircraft had flown on June 18 from Joint Base Andrews in Maryland to Joint Base Lewis-McChord in Washington State. It returned to Joint Base Andrews on June 19, from where it flew on June 30 to the Geneva Airport in Switzerland, and finally back to the Joint Base Lewis-McChord on July 4.

A brief investigation to determine why the U.S. officer was tracking the flight of the aircraft uncovered unexpected information that a "uniformed" woman on the aircraft's June 30 flight to Geneva was missing on the return flight to Joint Base Lewis-McChord on July 4, according to the alleged Kremlin report.

The interest of the Russians was further aroused when they discovered that they were unable to identify the "uniformed" woman on official Russian database of U.S. air force personnel. This prompted questions about who the woman was and why she was missing on the return flight to the Joint Base Lewis-McChord on July 4.

A Shiva statuette
Statue of dancing Shiva [Image via Shutterstock]The Russians then conducted an "enhanced computer search" to ascertain the identity of the mystery woman.

According to the alleged Kremlin report, the Russians were shocked to discover that the woman was, in fact, a Swiss citizen, 29-year-old named Maja Franziska Brandli, who had been declared missing by the U.S. police on June 19, according to a report by the SeaTac Blog.

According to the SeaTac Blog, the young woman disappeared while "hanging out in downtown Seattle, and may have attempted to stay at a shelter or tent city."

She was reported dead by U.S. police authorities on July 5. The police authorities gave no information about the circumstances of her death.

After using advanced software to compare Ms. Brandli's physical features with the "pictorial elements" of the woman in the CERN human sacrifice video, Russian intelligence officials reportedly said they were 87 percent certain that Brandli was the sacrificial victim in the satanic ritual video.

"Pictoral elements" allegedly used to identify the woman in the video included height, estimated against the Shiva statue at about 5 feet 8 inches, and body weight, estimated at about 136 pounds. They also used enhanced digital analysis to search for visible scars, tattoos, and other defects.

A satanic ritual symbol
Satanic pentagram symbol [Image via Shutterstock]Russian officials, according to the Kremlin report, shared their findings with their American counterparts, but the Americans reacted by blocking all Russian access to their systems.

Fox News reported on August 17 that the U.S. Air Force officer Major Steve Lewis, came under attack from the Military Religious Freedom Foundation (MRFF). MRFF called for the authorities to fire Major Lewis for keeping a Bible on his work desk. However, the real reason why the authorities wanted to fire Major Lewis was his role in uncovering the identity of the CERN sacrifice victim.

The Russian intelligence report also claimed that the liberal MRFF is in cahoots with the "Obama regime."

The alleged Kremlin report concluded with a statement that the Russian intelligence services had been aware of satanic activities at CERN since 2009. According to the alleged report, concerns about alleged satanic activity at CERN were intensified when a director of the organization claimed that scientists were working to open a portal to another dimension.

The Register reported that CERN director said scientists hoped that "out of this door [the dimensional portal] might come something, or we might send something through it."

The alleged Kremlin report concluded bizarrely that the director's hope was apparently fulfilled on June 24 when a mysterious electrical cloud formed over CERN and the statue of Shiva.

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