‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Spoilers: Four Shocking Breakups Before Final Rose Ceremony, Who Leaves ‘Paradise’ Broken-Hearted?

The Bachelor in Paradise season finale is less than three weeks away and although spoilers that point to at least three couples getting engaged, fans will be surprised to learn that four of this season’s strongest couples will break up before the final episode airs on ABC.

From Week 4 (August 22-23) right on through to the season finale (September 5-6), four couples will end their relationships and leave Paradise heartbroken. Although Bachelor creator Mike Fleiss revealed on Twitter that the season will end with “multiple engagements,” fans will be more surprised by the couples who split than the ones who left Paradise engaged.

[Warning: Bachelor in Paradise Season 3 spoilers ahead]

Four new guys will arrive in Paradise on Week 4 (August 22-23) and one of them will prompt a breakup between a couple that seemed to be headed towards a rose ceremony engagement, or at least a long-term relationship after the show.

According to Reality Steve, Brett Melnick (Andi Dorfman’s season) is given a date card upon his arrival in Paradise and he immediately asks Izzy Goodkind to go on the date with him, but she turns him down out of respect for Vinny who she has been coupled up with since the Bachelor in Paradise premiere.

vinny and izzy bachelor in paradise season 3
Although Izzy turns Brett down, ABC reveals that Vinny is hurt when he learns that she was interested in getting to know another guy. He breaks off his relationship with Izzy and leaves before the rose ceremony, but spoilers point to Izzy sticking around for one more episode. See video above for a preview of their teary-eyed breakup.

Week 4 will be a stressful one for Jared Haibon and Week 5 (August 29-30) won’t be much better. Jared was instantly attracted to Caila Quinn when she arrived in Paradise on Week 3 and their first date went well.

However, there are two people who threaten their new relationship — Ashley Iaconetti and Brett Melnick. Yes, that’s the same Brett who made Izzy rethink her relationship with Vinny.

caila quinn brett melnick Bachelor in Paradise
Reality Steve‘s spoilers indicate that when Izzy turns Brett down for a date (Week 4), his default pick is Caila and she accepts. That doesn’t go over well with Jared, but she returns from her date and gives Jared her rose, something that falsely gets his hopes up.

If this season’s spoilers are correct, Caila will leave before the Week 5 rose ceremony because she doesn’t want to be around the drama. Unfortunately for Jared, the one woman who has been trying to get his attention for two season — Ashley Iaconetti — is already one week into a relationship with Wells Adams (JoJo’s season). Shortly after Caila makes her exit, Jared packs his bags and leaves Paradise without finding love.

jared and caila bachelor in paradise
Although she arrived in Paradise crying over Jared, Ashley will end up as one of five couples who make it to the Bachelor in Paradise season finale after she makes a romantic connection with Wells.

According to a previous report from the Inquisitr, only three out of the five couples who appear on the finale will decide to stay together. Host Chris Harrison will offer a Fantasy Suite key to all five couples — Ashley and Wells will break up without spending the night together. Reality Steve‘s spoilers point to Ashley being broken-hearted over the split, so fans can expect to see more crying from Ashley on the final episode of the season.

That leaves one couple who will break up and three couples who are rumored to get engaged on the Bachelor in Paradise season finale. Who gets engaged and who breaks up during the last episode?

Josh and Amanda aren’t keeping their relationship a secret — it’s safe to say the spoilers are correct and fans will see Josh propose at the final rose ceremony. According to a previous report from the Inquisitr, Josh was recently photographed playing with Amanda’s daughters, the couple has been spotted together at Target, and their Snapchat stories make it clear that they are still together.

TMZ has spotted Grant and Lace have also been spotted out in public together and Lace isn’t keeping the “Grace” tattoo they both got in Paradise hidden in public. Chances are, fans will see them get engaged on the finale along with this season’s most unlikely couple, Evan and Carly.

However, for Nick Viall, the third time is not a charm. Although he made a fast connection with Jen Saviano when she arrived on Week 3, Reality Steve reveals that they decide to split after spending the night in the Fantasy Suite.

nick and jen paradise
Although Nick doesn’t find love in Paradise, he leaves the show with some fan appreciation. Many viewers didn’t care for Nick during both Andi and Kaitlyn’s seasons of the Bachelorette, but The Ringer states that he quickly became a fan favorite when he arrived in Paradise.

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