Tori Spelling Remains In Hospital 10 Days After Emergency Surgery

Tori Spelling was rushed to the hospital 10 days ago after post C-section complications sent her into emergency surgery, and the actress still remains hospitalized under doctors’ watch.

Spelling welcomed her fourth child, Finn, on August 30 but soon after started developing problems. After three weeks, she was rushed to the hospital with a dangerous complication, TMZ reported at the time. The complication was said the be directly related to her C-section.

But Tori Spelling has not been able to come home from the hospital yet and remains under doctors care since her September 15 procedure, Radar Online is reporting.

“Tori is still in the hospital,” a source told Radar Online. “She misses her children terribly, but Dean and the kids see her as often as they can.”

Tori Spelling herself confirmed the longer-than-expected hospital stay on her website. She went a message to fans thanking for their support and well-wishes as she continues her recovery from surgery.

‘”She is resting comfortably, and appreciates your love and support,” the note read.

The Daily Mail theorizes that Tori Spelling’s site, ediTORIal, might actually be downplaying the severity of her situation. On Sunday, a tweet was sent about the Emmys, saying: ‘LOVED these looks on the #Emmys red carpet last night!’

Or it could just be that Tori Spelling is getting restless from her long hospital stay and wanted an escape with the Emmys.

Tori Spelling had fallen into some health issues with past pregnancies. After the birth of her youngest daughter, Hattie, she was sent to the hospital for post-partum complications including migraines.