The Next ‘Bachelor’ Accidentally Leaked Online, Is It Luke Pell, Chase McNary, Chad Johnson Or Nick Viall?

While Mike Fleiss continues to offer hints about who will be the next Bachelor, the identity of the mystery man has already been leaked online.

Will Luke Pell, Chase McNary, Nick Viall or Chad Johnson be handing out roses when The Bachelor returns to ABC?

Drum roll please…

According to OK Magazine, war veteran Luke Pell will be the next Bachelor.

“Everything I’m hearing is Luke will be the next bachelor,” blogger Reality Steve shared during an appearance on Guide Live. “The fact he formerly served our country, Afghanistan, all-American boy — he’s got the whole setup. It’s just perfect.”

Not only is Pell the most searched for man on Twitter, but fans have even created a hashtag for the former Bachelorette star, #LukeForBachelor.

This isn’t the first time Pell’s name has surfaced in conjunction with The Bachelor.

Zap2it is reporting that the series creator, Mike Fleiss, has been dropping hints about who will be the next Bachelor over the past couple of weeks.

Luke Pell Frontrunner To Become The Next 'Bachelor'

While Fleiss’ clues are mostly vague and nonsensical, some of them strongly hint that Pell is the man for the part.
In his latest post, Fleiss shared a picture of a glass sculpture of Yoda on

In his latest post, Fleiss shared a picture of a glass sculpture of Yoda on Twitter.

“Today’s clue… #TheBachelor,” he wrote alongside the image.

Yoda is known for his famous Star Wars line, “Do or do not; there is no try.”

Yoda is talking to Luke Skywalker during this pivotal moment in the franchise.

Is Fleiss saying that Luke Pell is the next Bachelor?

At the same time, Fleiss also wrote on Twitter that “your next Bachelor can run a mile in less than 6 minutes.”

Pell is known for his extreme fitness and can most certainly run a mile within Fleiss’ time frame.

Luke Pell Ready To Be The Next 'Bachelor'? Can He Get Over JoJo Fletcher To Find Love Next Season? [Image via ABC]
JoJo Fletcher and Luke Pell [Image by ABC]

For those that still don’t think Pell is the next Bachelor, Fleiss shared one more clue.

“Today’s clue can be found in Adele’s version of ‘Make You Feel My Love,'” Fleiss wrote on Twitter.

Along with washboard abs, Pell is known for his great singing voice and has tried his hand at a few cover songs of his own.

Based on Fleiss’ clues and the online leak, it looks like Pell will be starring on the new season of The Bachelor.

Of course, not everyone is thrilled that Pell landed the highly coveted role as the next Bachelor.

According to Hollywood Take, current contestant on Bachelor in Paradise, Daniel Maguire, recently admitted that both he and Bachelorette villain Chad Johnson are better options.

'Bachelor In Paradise' Adding 'Bachelorette' Villain Chad Johnson? Plus Which Of Ben Higgins' Castoffs Will Join Him? [Image via ABC]
Chad Johnson [Image via ABC]

Maguire believes they would be a lot more “entertaining and real” than Pell, whom he described as “boring.”

“Everyone seems to love him,” Maguire shared. “He seems like a great guy, he’s just that typical ‘Bachelor dude.’ It’s like, come on, you might as well put the TV on mute because it’s going to be boring, to be honest. I’d rather watch Chad [Johnson] be the Bachelor than Luke!”

There is little doubt that Johnson would be entertaining to watch, though that doesn’t mean he would be a suitable candidate for the role.

For his part, Maguire also admitted that he is more than willing to step into the part, especially if things don’t work out for him on Bachelor in Paradise.

Reports indicate that Maguire will be single at the end of Bachelor in Paradise.

Could Maguire really oust Pell and become the next Bachelor?

Daniel Maguire [Photo by Craig Sjordin/ABC]

According to People, Maguire is confident that he’d be a great choice for the gig.

“People want real, people want entertaining,” he said. “People want me… So I think I’d make a great Bachelor and I think I’m a great catch as well!”

As for McNary and Viall, their chances seem slim. First, McNary has been largely forgotten since JoJo Fletcher sent him packing on The Bachelorette.

Two-time runner-up Nick Viall is making a great case for himself this season on Bachelor in Paradise by being sweet and relatable, but it looks like he may no longer be single after hitting it off with Jen Saviano.

Could 'Bachelor In Paradise' Star Nick Viall Shock Everyone And Become The Next 'Bachelor'? [Image via ABC]
Nick Viall [Image via ABC]

Bachelor Nation tell us what you think! Despite the online leak, who do you think should be the next Bachelor – Nick Viall, Luke Pell, Chase McNary, Chad Johnson or Daniel Maguire? Let us know in the comments below.

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