Angelina Jolie Dead? False Suicide Rumor Resurfaces In Latest Death Hoax

Fake BBC and CNN news stories circulating online claim that actress Angelina Jolie is dead. The false suicide rumor spread on social media claims Jolie said goodbye to Brad Pitt before committing suicide.

The hoax is primarily shared on Facebook with a link and post image that appears real. Some of the top searches for the actress include “Angelina Jolie dead,” “Angelina Jolie 2016,” and “Angelina Jolie suicide.”

Many of her fans from around the world panicked as the rumor spread on social media. One fan posted the following on Facebook.

“Angelina Jolie is not dead folks. Why anyone would think that one of those ‘share your info’ links would lead to anything true, I’m sure I do not know.”

The comment sums up how the scam works. Apps ask for Facebook users’ permission to access their page. Many users give up their information thinking that they would watch the suicide video and sometimes unknowingly share the link to their Facebook friends.

The suicide rumor surfaced about a week ago, just after a Jaden Smith suicide hoax had a similar splash on social media.

Under the guise of websites such as BBC and CNN, many users are searching Google for “Angelina Jolie dead,” followed by the websites name.

Results will show articles debunking the rumor as well as fake websites claiming the suicide is true.

Angelina Jolie has kept a low public profile in 2016. The actress is focusing on humanitarian work and filmmaking.

Jolie is expected to release a new film called First They Killed My Father on Netflix. The versatile actress is credited as a writer, producer and director of the film, which is based on a memoir by Loung Ung of the same name.

Ung is a humanitarian and the book is about surviving oppression under Pol Pot. The film details the violence and war crimes of his regime in Cambodia back in the 70s and 80s.

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt has been subject to divorce rumors despite no evidence of a split.

The 41-years old actress has six children with Pitt and fights for human rights and women’s rights worldwide.

In an interview with The Guardian, Jolie talked about raising her children with Brad and how they deal with the challenges of marriage. When asked how they argue the actress responded as follows.

“Sometimes it just gets absurd. Honestly, you have to laugh at the absurdity sometimes! But I think if you’re both strong-minded people, you push up against each other. That’s part of what’s great about marriage: you want strong dynamics. And fortunately, we have so many children, that whatever our individual thoughts are…”

The interviewer adds, “They’re ultimately distracted by the kids?”

Jolie responds, “Exactly,” and laughs. “At the beginning of the day we’re walking them to school, and at the end of the day we go home to the kids.”

Angelina Jolie has not responded to the death rumors and continues to keep a low profile. The actress has had two cancer scares and underwent a preventive double mastectomy due to her risks and family history of cancer.

The Kung Fu Panda actress reportedly has a net worth of $160 million and frequently uses her wealth to donate to charitable causes.

Many Facebook users are giving up their Facebook information to see an Angelina Jolie suicide video end up disappointed and find out the actress is not dead. There is no video of Angelina Jolie saying goodbye to Brad Pitt. False death stories of celebrities should be crosschecked on multi-platforms before giving away your personal information.

Report any link that claims that the death hoax is true and avoid giving away your personal information on Facebook or Twitter.

[Photo by Milos Bicanski/Getty Images]