Kim Kardashian Flaunts Bikini Body Minus Wedding Ring Amid Kanye West Divorce Rumors

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West seem to have the perfect marriage on Keeping Up With The Kardashians. But when the cameras stop filming, is there trouble in Kardashian paradise?

Kanye reportedly dropped a marriage bombshell into the midst of his relationship with Kim, boosting already existing problems between the celebrity couple. And that’s caused Kardashian to be “livid” at her husband, according to Radar Online‘s insider.

Already reportedly battling to hold onto her marriage to West, Kim now is in the midst of a war of words after the rapper informed her that he want more space, said the source.

“Kim is absolutely livid right now because Kanye told her he wanted space!”

Where does West want to travel without Kardashian by his side, and what will Kim do on her own (plus or minus two children)?

Was Kim upset that Kanye reportedly wanted some space?
“Kanye told Kim that he needs to go out of town soon for a few different business-related trips,” the insider explained.

However, West reportedly provided no hints that he wanted his wife’s company, emphasizing that he sought “space” and causing her stressed-out reaction.

“Kim is freaking out because Kanye told her that he needed to go alone,” added the source. “He did not ask her to go with him!”

In addition, Kardashian reportedly is furious that about her husband’s carefree attitude when it comes to heading off minus his wife.

“The fact that he thinks he can just go and do what he pleases without her really ticked her off!”

But Kim may prove to be the winner in this war of words, because she was spotted on a beach in Mexico on Thursday. Although her two children accompanied her, no sight of Kardashian’s husband was reported.

In addition, there’s no sight of Kim’s engagement and wedding rings, causing divorce rumors to swirl, according to Hollywood Life.

Does Kanye desire space from the Kardashian and Jenner clan?
Seen flaunting her bikini body after her weight loss, Kardashian was seen several times on her trip to Mexico without the ring or Kanye. As for what it really means, however, thus far the reasons for the absent wedding ring and the noticeably absent West consist only of speculation.

But there’s no speculation needed when it comes to just how fabulous Kim’s post-baby body looks, with E News reporting that Kardashian has stayed busy flaunting every aspect of her sleek physique since her weight loss.

Kim is immersed in a vacation in Mexico with some female friends, but her schedule allowed for a series of Snapchats that went the distance from mirror selfies to a nude two-piece that gave new meaning to the word “curvy.” Kardashian posted a various photos of her amazing body on Instagram, also sharing her fashion favorites.

As for those who think that the twerking trend is gone, not if the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star has her way. She took time to send out a twerk alert to her fans, explaining that she had only recently learned to twerk.

“In honor of @styledbyhrush birthday a month ago LOL she taught me how to twerk on this trip so I’m posting it for her,” wrote Kardashian.

While Kardashian shares her vacation vibe and bootylicious body, is everyone around her as thrilled with her weight loss success as the reality TV queen?

Kim and Kanye recently fought over the way that Kardashian is “always obsessing” about the scale, according to a source cited by Hollywood Life.

“They got into a blazing argument over how Kim is always obsessing over her weight. Kanye even accused Kim of not giving him enough attention because she’s too busy slimming down,” revealed the insider.

“[Kanye] thinks it’s crazy that [Kim is] always taking off all her clothes and jewelry to weigh herself at least four times a day.”

Moreover, the two are at an impasse. West is described as having problems empathizing with Kardashian’s focus on losing weight, while Kim is baffled that her husband won’t support her in her battle of the bulge. Consequently, she slammed him as “selfish and unsupportive,” declaring that she “had enough” as she exited the house, with the source also revealing that Kardashian has moved to her mother Kris Jenner’s home, along with the children.

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