‘Big Brother 18’ Spoilers: Live Feed Updates Include New ‘BB18’ HOH, Care Package Winner, Week 9 Nominations

Big Brother 18 spoilers have been very prevalent on the live feeds. The BB18 house has had a very exciting 36 hours following the eviction of Paulie Calafiore, with quite a bit of action playing out among the final seven houseguests. A report from fan site Joker’s Updates has done a great job of revealing many of the most important moments, including who now holds all the power in the BB18 house.

Included among the most important Big Brother 18 spoilers from the past 36 hours is who won the latest Head of Household competition. The competition was an extensive late-night affair, taking place while the live feeds were down. When the feeds were turned back on, it was revealed that Natalie Negrotti had won the HOH competition. This is her first win of summer 2016, likely presenting a big surprise to fans who only watch the show during CBS episodes.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, an important twist played a big role in the nominations this week. The latest Care Package, which gets voted on by America in a weekly poll, went to Michelle Meyer. Natalie Negrotti, James Huling, and Nicole Franzel had each won it in the past, so the voting fans went with Michelle to get the special power in Week 9.

The latest Care Package power was to make that person a co-HOH for the week. This meant that Michelle would not only get the safety and perks that come along with being a Head of Household, but that she would also get to decide on one of the nominees for eviction. Michelle has been working with Natalie a lot this summer, so it was an easy endeavor for them to come up with two targets to put on the block.

The other really important Big Brother 18 spoiler from Friday (August 19) was the revelation of who Natalie Negrotti and Michelle Meyer had nominated for eviction. Natalie went with Victor Arroyo as her nominee and Michelle went with Paul Abrahamian with her opportunity. When the Veto competition is played out on Saturday (August 20), both guys are likely playing for their survival in the game.

If nothing changes after the Veto ceremony, the three voters for the week will be James Huling, Nicole Franzel, and Corey Brooks. Those three houseguests would decide whether the fifth member of the BB18 jury is Paul Abrahamian or Victor Arroyo. If Paul or Victor find a way win the Power of Veto, things could get very interesting in the house. Paul winning it would put Michelle in charge of the replacement nominee, while Natalie would make the decision if Victor wins the Veto.

Michelle to James and Natalie: “Whatever happens, I’m still coming after Corey and Nicole next” YAS MEECH #BB18 pic.twitter.com/uVlNVSarnN

— Dídac #BB18 (@DidacFoltin) August 20, 2016

There could be a lot of fireworks coming in the next 24 hours as the Veto competition will play out Saturday afternoon, followed by a lot of debate about whether or not the winner will use that power. It’s a competition that could be the most important of the summer (so far), meaning none of the houseguests want to be the person who doesn’t get to play in it. That seventh houseguest (James Huling, Nicole Franzel, or Corey Brooks) will have to serve as the host.

To summarize the big moments that have taken place in the BB18 house over the past 28 hours, Natalie Negrotti won the HOH competition, Michelle Meyer was given the Care Package and named co-HOH, and the two nominees for eviction were revealed as Paul Abrahamian and Victor Arroyo. The weekend is also likely to be packed with additional Big Brother 18 spoilers, especially with how important the Veto Ceremony on Monday (August 22) will become for the final seven houseguests.

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