‘Big Brother 18’ Spoilers: Week 9 HOH Regrets Nominations, A Backdoor Plan Is Hatched, Nominee Fumes With Allegations Of Lying

Big Brother 18 live feeds Friday night into Saturday morning were heated, as decisions regarding Week 9 nominations were questioned, a possible backdoor plan was hatched, and one nominee was seen confronting another houseguest over supposed lies and gossip.

Joker’s Updates live feed spoilers reveal Natalie Negrotti is the current Head of Household (HOH) and Michelle Meyer won this week’s care package, thus she is the co-HOH. The two women nominated Paul Abrahamian and Victor Arroyo to sit on the chopping block.

During nominations, the CBS All Access live feeds were down for over two hours, but when they returned, Paul was infuriated. He could be seen confronting Natalie, asking what he presumably lied about. After some resistance, Natalie told Paul he lied about voting against Bronte D’Aquisto when she was up for eviction, which is just one thing that makes him a dangerous player.

According to Joker’s Updates, religion also played some part in nominations, as Natalie and Michelle believed Paul was an atheist, but yet he swore to God. This apparently upset them.

It is unclear if the faith issue came up in the women’s Big Brother 18 nominations speech, but Paul could be heard on live feeds telling Michelle he was offended by what she said, and that he does believe in God and was never an atheist. Paul also noted he did not appreciate being called a liar and a manipulator, which was apparently part of the nomination speech as well.

Natalie then brought up the fact that Paul and Paulie called her “FT,” a crude nickname for “fake” breasts, as previously reported by the Inquisitr. Paul told her he already apologized regarding that issue, but Natalie noted she was still hurt by it.

Paul continued to talk to Natalie and Michelle, eventually convincing them they made a huge mistake because he and Victor had their backs. He argued it is Nicole and Corey that cannot be trusted and should have been nominated for eviction, which Michelle claimed was the plan until the showmance partners convinced them Paul and Victor were liars.

Additionally, on Big Brother 18 live feeds Natalie revealed she was told that Paul was coming after James, which she found objectionable and put her on the offensive.

After much discussion, Natalie broke down in tears regretting the nominations that were made. Still, however, trying to find something to justify her decision, she brought up the fact that Corey said the night before Victor lied about asking Nicole on a date several times. However, Victor asserted that he had already confronted Nicole about this and she admitted he never used the word date, but instead had only told her she had a good personality.

Paul found this the opportune time to throw Corey under the bus, telling Natalie that Corey made a cringe-worthy comment regarding her behavior with James, Joker’s Updates reports. According to Paul, Corey said Natalie was going to be riding James to the top and James is just letting it happen, however, Corey used offensive sexual terms in his description, which Natalie did not take well.

James, who was also part of this conversation, asked Paul why he didn’t reveal before that Corey had said this, and Paul stated he thought it was petty and only brought it up because Corey was now fabricating things.

As a result, Paul, Victor, Natalie, Michelle, and James started formulating a possible backdoor plan that would send Corey to jury. This means that Nicole or Corey cannot win the veto this week or the plan is completely foiled.

As the evening went on, Paul felt as though he had to confront Nicole about the presumed gossip and lies she’s told about him. Natalie really didn’t want such a confrontation to go down, and on live feeds she could be heard saying she was sick to her stomach, but Paul could hold his ire no more.

Paul made his way to Nicole, who sat at the kitchen table and sat down across from her. He then asked her in straightforward terms why she called him a manipulator and a liar, according to Big Brother Updates. He also referred to Nicole telling Natalie he wanted to evict James and some other rumors he claimed were not true. Nicole went on the defensive and raised her voice, saying Paulie told her Paul wanted to boot James.

As he grilled Nicole, Paul fumed, calling Nicole a manipulator and asking both her and Corey, who had joined the argument after exiting the Big Brother 18 Diary Room, to play the game with integrity. Nicole was hard pressed to respond, and became flustered when Paul mentioned several instances when she was caught lying in the game.

Victor was also present and mentioned the dating issue again, asking Corey why he brought it up just recently to Natalie. Corey denied doing so and said he cares nothing about that and neither does Nicole.

Paul accused Corey of throwing Big Brother 18 competitions, saying Corey admitted he was doing so as a strategy. On live feeds, Corey denied all of Paul’s accusations, saying he was a college athlete and is embarrassed he hasn’t done better in challenges.

So, as it stands now, Corey is the likely target in a backdoor plan, but the Power of Veto (POV) competition, which should take place sometime Saturday, will determine if the plan is even viable. Whatever the case, the houseguests don’t realize a new Big Brother 18 twist is in play and whoever is evicted on Thursday will have a chance to return to the game after battling the other cast members now in the jury house.

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