A Baltimore Baby Is Still Fighting For Her Life After House Fire: Family Dog Kept Her Alive And Died In Return

A house fire that occurred over a week ago in Baltimore resulted in a baby girl fighting for her life. Fortunately, she was kept alive by the family dog, who lost his life to save hers.

It has been reported by CBS News that the house fire was a result of a burning candle. When the firefighters arrived at the 6800 block of Gough Street on August 15, they were quickly informed that a baby was trapped in the burning house on the second floor.

What the firefighters found the 8-month-old baby girl, Viviana, they noticed that a dog was laying on top of her, shielding her from the fire. Polo, the dog, unfortunately died saving the baby girl’s life.

According to the family’s GoFundMe page, the little girl remains in the ICU at Children’s Hospital in critical condition. She was burned on 19 percent of her body and could have potentially been burned on all of her body, had Polo the dog not shielded her from the fire.


WBALTV reports that Viviana’s mother briefly stepped out to her car when she noticed her house was on fire. She sobbed as she told WBALTV that she desperately tried to get to her daughter, but was unsuccessful.

“And I just heard her crying, and I couldn’t get to her. I tried really hard. Everyone in the neighborhood tried. They were kicking the doors in, kicking the windows out.”

Firefighters quickly arrived and were able to get Viviana out of the burning house and paramedics were able to revive her. Her face was severely burned, as well as her arm.

Baby girl still remains in critical condition after Baltimore house fire [Image via Shutterstock]Erika, Viviana’s mother, has burns on her face and hands from repeatedly trying to save her daughter from the burning house.

As of today, Erika and Viviana’s GoFundMe page has gathered nearly $40,000.00 and the support is absolutely incredible. Two days ago, the page released an update on Viviana. So far, she is still in critical condition and they are taking it day-by-day.

Joe Poremski, Erika’s father, is also very grateful for the love and support following this tragic event.

“I just want to thank everyone from the bottom of my heart for the compassion and generosity everyone has shown. I can not express in words how much I appreciate what everyone has done for Erika and Viv.”

Baltimore Sun has provided further information regarding the cause for the house fire that left the baby girl in critical condition. It has been revealed that due to storms and electrical outages, Erika had lit some candles to light the house.


Erika is devastated after the loss of Polo, the family dog, and is praying for her daughter’s life.

“He was my first baby, and now I lost him. And I’m just praying I don’t lose her. She’s all I have and it just happened so fast, I just don’t understand it. She’s doing the best she can right now. She’s fighting.”

Erika was amazed of the sacrifice that Polo made for Viviana. When he could have bolted down the steps and out of the fire, he decided to stay with Viviana and protect her from the flames.

Although it is devastating that Polo was lost during the house fire, he made a sacrifice that left baby Viviana alive today. Viviana’s condition will be updated as updates become available.


An update was provided on Erika and Viv’s GoFundMe page. Unfortunately, doctors are skeptical that Viviana will recover from her injuries. She has swelling on her brain caused by the lack of oxygen and blood flow. The doctors have given her a 1 percent chance of recovering, but her family is not giving up as long as Viviana is still fighting.

Viviana’s family is seeking help searching for neurosurgeons that will give them a second opinion.

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