Selena Gomez Surprises Fan In Her Bedroom, Shares Secrets To Instagram Success

Selena Gomez has just photobombed a lucky Australian fan, according to Radio. The 22-year-old Sophie Saunders, a longtime Gomez fan from Australia, was recording her cover for "Kill Em With Kindness" by Gomez, and guess who crept into her bedroom?

It was Selena Gomez herself who appeared at the door frame of Saunders' bedroom, and the whole thing was captured on camera. The Australian fan was participating in the challenge to sing Gomez's "Kill Em With Kindness" and had an unexpected guest enter her bedroom.

Saunders, who had just begun singing the song, saw her idol Selena Gomez in the reflection of her camera and couldn't keep herself together when she saw the 24-year-old "Hands to Myself" singer. And who can blame her?

Then Selena Gomez sat down to talk to her fan and found out about the extreme level of dedication she has. It appears that Saunders has traveled around the world with Gomez to see her perform on her tour.

Saunders also impressed Selena Gomez by wearing a Gomez T-shirt and having Gomez posters all over her wall. Then Gomez was happy to pose for selfies to allow her fan to capture her idol from every possible angle.

Then Selena Gomez joined Saunders to sing together, and signed autographs. And the whole thing was captured on camera.

In her recent interview with Vogue Australia, Selena Gomez opened up about her personal life, according to Billboard. The 24-year-old "Same Old Love" singer is featured on the cover of Vogue Australia's September edition, which is why the magazine had the pleasure of finding out more about the singer's dating life.

In her interview with the magazine, Selena Gomez admitted that she is now too busy for dating, as work is her first priority in life.
"I'd be so stoked with a writer or producer or actor who is low-key, but those kind of guys are terrified of me!"
It also appears that Selena Gomez restricted dating to only her own circle of friends.
"Nobody would want to throw themselves into that situation where it was so heightened publicly, like, why would they?"
Selena Gomez has shared the secret of being the most-followed person on Instagram, according to Billboard. The singer recently became the most followed person on the social media network after gaining 95 million followers.

Selena Gomez uses a simple approach to attracting followers on Instagram: upload only the things that would be "great" for Instagram. Gomez is not into this whole thing of hiring social media consultants and following some kind of gaining-more-followers campaign.

In reality, Selena Gomez doesn't do much in order to be Instagram's most followed person.

"It comes in a moment when I capture something happening, and I go, 'Oh, that would be great for Instagram. I should post it.'"
And while Selena Gomez knows it's "boring," apparently it works. In March this year, Gomez threw Taylor Swift off the top spot of being the most followed Instagram person. The "Kill Em With Kindness" singer also revealed that Instagram is her favorite social platform.

Selena Gomez attributes her success to having a balance of professional snaps, amateur selfies, and off-the-cuff videos. And her 95 million followers certainly love such a mixture. For example, on June 25 she posted a snap of her drinking Coke, and that photo quickly got 4 million likes.

In fact, this photo is believed to be Instagram's most liked photo. Not even Kim Kardashian's topless photos get so many likes as Selena Gomez drinking a bottle of Coke. Gomez also shared one more secret: if you don't have any ideas what to put into the caption, just use emojis.

[Photo by Rich Fury/Invision/AP]