UFO Over Missouri: Disc-Shaped Object Caught On Camera, Moves At Nearly Mach 3, Disappears Into Lake

A new video of an Unidentified Flying Object (UFO) has surfaced out of Missouri, and according to the videographer, the disc-shaped object captured therein was traveling at almost three times the speed of sound (Mach 3) as it descended the sky. The witness also noted that the UFO seemed to quickly disappear into a small lake.

The Mutual UFO Network (MUFON), which took the witness' report, posted to Open Minds TV on August 17 that the UFO sighting took place at Lee's Summit, Missouri, a city in the metropolitan shadow of Kansas City. The video, taken in broad daylight (3:28 p.m. CST), shows the UFO making a quick descent. The witness tracked the quick-moving object, noting that it "disappeared on the west side of Blue Springs Lake, interestingly, into another much smaller lake."

According to the witness' calculations, the UFO was traveling at about 2,160 miles per hour. That is nearly Mach 3, or three times the speed of sound. It should be noted that the speed of sound is not a constant, but a measurement of speed dependent on the medium's density, affected by such factors as temperature.

The witness shot 39 seconds of what he referred to as "a random video." In just a half-second of that video, he stated, a disc passed through, descending as it went.

The witness also admitted that he assumed the UFO vanished into the smaller of the two lakes because of its trajectory. However, he said he did not actually observe the object enter the water.

Missouri UFO over water
[Photo by MR1805/Thinkstock/Getty Images]Of the investigation (Case 77979), Missouri Field Investigator Lawrence Tyree wrote the following in in the case report.
"The video evidence shows a craft flying at an incredible speed of 2,160 mph heading straight to the Earth within three-tenths of a mile. The physics of such flying make it impossible to do with known technology if it were a human vehicle. This makes it to be of unknown origin, and not natural or human made. The description of the movements of the object, its speed on approach to the land, and the video evidence are descriptive of an Unknown UAV [Unmanned Aerial Vehicle]."
Tyree closed the case, designating the image in the sighting as an "Unknown," which classified the object as unexplainable or requiring more data so as to make a more informed determination.

One might be wont to play the devil's advocate here and note that there are several assumptions being made by the witness that affect his calculations and thereby could produce errors in the results of said calculations, not to mention the findings of the MUFON investigation. For instance, it is assumed that the disc UFO is 15 meters (comparable to the "spheroid craft from MUFON Case # 61730," the witness wrote). It is also assumed that the measurements of altitude and line of descent, point-to-point placement in the UFO video, etc., are accurate.

But if the object in question is closer than it appears and is somewhat smaller, it could throw the calculations off considerably. With the stills from the frame as guide, the disc is shown to not be uniform, showing somewhat bulbous to the left side and tapering slightly toward the right side. It resembles, if nothing else, a tropical fish called a "Black Molly." It would appear that the UFO might actually be a bird, its image distorted by the camera (as can be seen in this photo from egloos.com), caught in flight.

How to explain the near-Mach 3 speed? A much closer object would not be flying at Mach 3 speeds. If the object (the bird) is much closer than assumed, it could easily dive out of frame in a half-second, even if it appears that its trajectory is moving somewhat away from the camera. At the same time, the distance covered would be a matter feet or yards, not several miles in a split-second.


Of course, the witness could be spot on with his calculations (and the object may not be a bird), making the previous three paragraphs rather moot, something to be chalked up to as cautious skepticism.

The UFO sighting in Lee's Summit follows the Gateway Arch UFO that dominated headlines for a few days in early August. As reported by Inquisitr, the UFO was filmed from a park surveillance camera and by a witness taking a work break. The hovering light above the Gateway Arch caused a firestorm of speculation on the internet. But a subsequent video shot at roughly the same time as the two previous videos was obtained by KTVI in St. Louis and indicates that there were several lights around the Arch that night -- and all appeared to come to rest near parked cars, suggesting they were drones.

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