Dakota Johnson Takes Break From ‘Fifty Shades Of Grey’ And Jamie Dornan With Mother Melanie Griffith, Potential Boyfriend, And Instagram

Dakota Johnson is taking her break very seriously. Now that she has completely wrapped the Fifty Shades of Grey franchise, she is taking her sweet time to hang out with her mother Melanie Griffith, all her Los Angeles friends, and some potential boyfriend material. The 26-year-old actress also isn’t forgetting to document about it on her Instagram, like a good millennial.

While the Fifty Shades of Grey star has posted about her female friends that go way back, she uploaded a video of her and her male friend Tobias having fun in her car. Check out their little clip below!

We actually don't have the sauce but we def went to gelsons and got some sriracha today ???????? @tobiasjessojr

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It is unlikely that they are up to anything particularly romantic, but he does bear some resemblance to her ex-boyfriend Matthew Hitt. He also has long brown locks, sharp facial features, and a lanky body.

???????? ????: @erik_lee_snyder #rosettagettyxtuscany

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Maybe Dakota Johnson has a type for boyfriends and she doesn’t even know it!

But knowing how she just broke up with Matthew Hitt (again) just a few months ago, the 26-year-old Hollywood native may not be looking for anything serious. In fact, the split came at a time when she was shooting some of the sexiest scenes with Jamie Dornan.

By the looks of her Instagram, her post-Fifty Shades of Grey days have been filled with simple fun with her hip friends, hanging out with her mother Melanie Griffith, and, occasionally, dropping in some pictures from her other movies. Unfortunately, not one of them has included her former co-star Jamie Dornan.

Melanie Griffith recently celebrated her birthday, and like a good daughter Dakota is, she didn’t forget to show the world just how much she owes her.

Happy birthday mama pajama. Thanks for teaching me everything I know ????

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Seeing how Melanie is a Golden Globe winner, she definitely passed on her acting genes to her daughter!

Dakota Johnson is still very young, but she is trying to become as serious of an actor as quickly as possible. While Fifty Shades of Grey helped catapult her into fame, she is now concentrating on working on more indie movies that have high art but no commercial value. Some of the movies that she has lined up are Under The Silver Lake opposite Andrew Garfield, The Sound Of Metal with Matthias Schoenaerts, and Suspira with Tilda Swinton.

Knowing that she comes from a rich Hollywood family, she probably doesn’t need the money anyway!

The actress also obviously values the need of working hard and relaxing harder. Ever since she came back to the U.S. after wrapping Fifty Shades in France, she has been chilling out hardcore on the West Coast.

“She’s enjoying a well-deserved break after wrapping the last two films in the Fifty Shades franchise,” reports Daily Mail. “And on Monday, Dakota Johnson and a gal pal treated themselves to some frozen yogurt before hitting up a store for a few groceries in the Los Feliz neighbourhood of Los Angeles. The cup was so small, however, it must have been a sample.”

She also marked the end of an era by dyeing her hair blonde.

“[T]he brunette changed the game for what a modern mix of brown and blonde should look like by lightening her hair with the dopest of dye jobs,” reports Refinery29.

There also has been other rumors that Jake Gyllenhaal is working hard to win back Dakota Johnson. While they were never boyfriend and girlfriend, their short and intense relationship came to an end when he practically ghosted her.

“Even though it was just a fling, Dakota had really strong feelings for him so when he dumped her out of the blue, she was really shocked,” a source said according to Belfast Telegraph. “But it was all because Jake freaked out, as he’s a bit of a commitment-phobe.”

But do you think the Fifty Shades of Grey actress is still trying to win back her former boyfriend? Do you think Jamie Dornan gave her some good relationship advice on set? Let us know in the comments section below!

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