Bert Franklin: Oklahoma Dentist Caught On Camera Beating 19-Month-Old Toddler To Death, Charged

Nearly two months ago, the Inquisitr reported about the death of 19-month-old Lincoln Lewis, who was allegedly killed by Bert Franklin, a dentist from Tulsa, Oklahoma. The dentist was allegedly in a relationship with the toddler’s mother. Nearly two months later, we have some more depressing news coming in regarding the case. According to a report by KFOR News, a new video presented in the court by the prosecution during a bond hearing for Bert actually shows Franklin inflicting physical abuse on the toddler. In the video, Bert is seen hitting the toddler and then walking nonchalantly across the house as the baby lay injured. In one part of the video, Bert Franklin is seen grabbing a piece of pizza as he carelessly holds the injured child in his hands.

The incident reportedly happened in the early hours of the morning of July 17. Little Lincoln Lewis was admitted to a nearby hospital and was later airlifted to another hospital where the toddler later died of his horrific injuries. According to the doctors treating the toddler, Lincoln had suffered from a skull fracture and the cause of death was due to heavy internal bleeding — both symptoms of clear abuse.

In the video, which has not yet been released completely, Bert Franklin is first seen walking down the stairs in the home. He has the toddler in his arms. The child seems normal at this time. However, shortly thereafter, Lewis is taken to the living room. The surveillance footage at this point is inconclusive as to what actually happens in the living room. However, a testimony by an Oklahoma City detective testified earlier this week said that the video shows Franklin slamming the little boy head first onto the floor. Bert is then seen making a kicking motion at the floor — apparently kicking the boy. A little later, the limp body of Lincoln is seen in the hands of Bert — as he tries to eat a slice of Pizza.

Hearing the noise, Lincoln’s mother, a woman identified as Roxanne Randall, said that she came to investigate the source of the sound. Bert reportedly told her that the noise was just him playing fetch with a dog. A little later, Roxanne saw that the baby was lying on the couch with pillows around him. She was, at this time, told that the baby was just sleeping on the couch. It was by 2 a.m., that Roxanne realized that her baby was being unusually silent. She quickly realized that the toddler’s eyes were open and that his breathing was labored. The prosecution later also alleged that Franklin had a habit of abusing his own, biological children. The court, following these revelations, denied Franklin’s bond. District Judge, Cindy Truong, called Franklin a danger to the community.

Franklin’s attorney said they will try again.

“Hopefully in the near future after we get through the preliminary hearing, we’ll re-urge the motion and I think it will be successful,” said Scott Adams.

In the court, there was a collective sound of people sobbing as video of the incident was played.

In our earlier report about his incident, Inquisitr had revealed that Bert was living a dual life. He was in a relationship with Roxanne even while he was married to his wife, with whom he had four kids. Bert’s wife was completely oblivious to what has been happening.

This seems to be one more addition to a rather long list of cases where children have been abused by adults, as there have been many stories about the raping and killing of babies by people who were supposed to be protecting them.

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