October 17, 2017
'American Horror Story' Season 6 Promo Ties All Seasons Together, Plus News Of A September Premiere Date

American Horror Story showrunner Ryan Murphy has always made it clear that the FX hit would tie together all of the seasons somehow. Fans were never told how each anthology season would be related to the others, though, aside from the clues from prior seasons as to what the next season would be about. Now, with Season 6 coming up soon, very little has been released about the theme, and the newest promo seems to tie everything together without giving anything away.

A brand new promo trailer was released by FX Networks on YouTube, and in it, we can see that the AHS seasons are all tied together as Murphy has been saying. The trailer is a montage from all of the seasons in the hit anthology series and shows the main theme of Murder House, Asylum, Coven, Freak Show, and Hotel. When they get to Season 6 near the end of the 30-second clip, fans can see a lot of question marks followed by the number "6" to denote which season it is but not much else. This is the first time fans have waited so long to find out what the upcoming season will be about.

Fans of American Horror Story won't have to wait much longer to find out what their beloved anthology series will be about in Season 6 because FX did let fans know that the newest episodes would begin on September 14. With less than a month until the season starts, many are wondering if Ryan Murphy or someone from the AHS cast will reveal more about the plot prior to the start date. This is great news, because in previous seasons, AHS didn't start until October.

Even though there have been multiple American Horror Story trailers released recently, there is still a lot to learn about the upcoming theme. As with previous years, fans have been teased with trailers that have little to do with the actual season. Instead, we've seen the anthology promo and another one with crop circles and a lot of clips that tease a creepy forest.

Ryan Murphy has said that Season 6 will incorporate two themes that he was working on and that it will involve children but how? Many thought Murphy was going to take on the ever-popular Slenderman mythology but that theory was thrown out months ago.

There have been some new theories surrounding a possible theme of the Croatoan and a lost village in North Carolina. Is it possible that American Horror Story may be themed around a group of colonial Americans this time around? According to Cinema Blend, set pictures have been leaked from the FX horror hit's set, and it looks like some of the AHS cast have been seen donning colonial era costumes. As well, there are pictures of a farmhouse that may or may not be central to the theme.

If that is the case, a theme about a lost colony in North Carolina was discussed during Murder House when Sarah Paulson's character told the story of a lost tribe in the Carolinas who were haunted by colonials who had been sent to settle near them and mysteriously died. That seems to be a fitting theme for American Horror Story, as they have made it clear that any and all seasons tied to the FX hit would occur in America and nowhere else. Not to mention that we've already seen aliens, killer clowns, vampires, and pretty much everything else on the horizon, so why not a haunted tribe and the mystery of missing settlers?

Be sure to tune in for Season 6 of American Horror Story on FX on September 14 at 10/9 central.

[Image via YouTube]