Steven Crowder: Gun Video Reveals Ignorance Of Public On 'Common Sense' Firearms Issues

A recently uploaded video by radio host, comedian, and Second-Amendment expert Steven Crowder is attracting attention, presumably for the erudite manner in which the Louder with Crowder host brings the ignorance of non-gun owning Americans to light.

"As the firearms debate rages on, it's hard to delineate between facts and buzzwords," the narration of the Steven Crowder gun video, hosted with YouTube, begins.

The video includes a tent erected next to a well-traveled sidewalk featuring a table with an assortment of rifles displayed. The display is purported to be in support of an apparently fictional group Crowder has imaginatively created: Citizens Coalition For Common Sense Gun Reform.

"Everyone's on board with common sense, right?" Crowder asks after a montage of personalities ranging from Conan O'Brien to President Obama flashes by.

As citizens approach the fake gun control table, Steven Crowder slyly vets them, turning people who own guns or show support for the Second Amendment away. Those who indicate support for gun control are encouraged to share their opinions and inspect the rifles assembled on the long table.

Crowder uncovers what he appears to perceive as an absurd trend. Generally, citizens expressed that guns that looked like traditional hunting rifles, with wooden stocks, should be permitted, while all black "assault" rifles should be banned.

"No, you don't need a fully automatic weapon," one man says when Crowder points to an all black rifle in the video. A graphic informs viewers that none of the guns on the table are fully automatic.

Comedian Steven Crowder quizes citizens on gun knowledge in revealing new video.
[Photo by George Frey/Getty Images]"No," Crowder says, deceptively agreeing with the man. "Maybe something like this. Like a 30-ought."

Text is shown informing viewers that "assault weapons" is a term created by "politicians."

Seemingly becoming exasperated, Steven Crowder asks viewers exactly what these "experts" really know about guns.

"Careful. Careful," Crowder states coyly to one woman in the video with a digitally altered face, who flinches slightly in fear with his voice. "You never know when firearms can just do their thing."

Crowder then informs a woman who obviously knows nothing about guns that a rifle is "fully semi-automatic," a made-up description. Maintaining the ruse that he is a gun control advocate, he slyly neglects to inform the woman that he is introducing nonsense into the conversation, as she listens politely.

When a man pleasantly informs the comedian that there is no such thing as a "fully semi-automatic," Crowder holds his ground.

"Well, we can get into word play," Crowder answers him, seemingly suggesting that the man is being disingenuous and that the comedian is onto him.

It is explained that the "AR" in AR-15 does not stand for "assault rifle," as so many people incorrectly assume, but instead for "Armalite Rifle," a major distinction.

It is noted that the AR-15 is a popular hunting rifle and that between 2007 and 2015, close to 70 percent of all gun murders were carried out with handguns. Despite this, many passersby expressed the belief that handguns had a place in American society and that assault rifles did not.

Steve Crowder gun control video reveals lack of knowledge of general public with regard to guns and assault rifles.
[Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images]Steven Crowder cunningly reveals how some guns that look relatively safe, such as a .357 lever-action rifle that he compares to an AK-47, are actually more dangerous than the AR-15, and how little middle-aged women and men walking down the sidewalk on a summer day know about them.

The comedian grins for the camera with mock joy that three random people so uninformed that they don't know the type of ammunition taken by three different rifles are actually "voting your president."

"That way a kid just doesn't get it, and try to take a nap with it," Crowder says with regard to safe gun storage to a man on a bicycle.

In October, 2015, the Inquisitr reported on the fatal shooting of an 8-year-old girl by her 11-year-old neighbor with his father's shotgun in White Pine, Tennessee. An over 40-times higher incidence of gun fatalities in the United States compared with the United Kingdom, which has strict controls on both handguns and rifles, was noted.

Do you think that Americans need to educate themselves more on the truth about guns?

[Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images]