Donald Trump Tours Louisiana Before Clinton And Obama, Watch Live News And Trump Rally Online [Video]


On August 19, President Obama was playing golf, Hillary Clinton took a rest, and Donald Trump landed in Louisiana to a crowd of flood victims who welcomed him with open arms. Not only is President Obama golfing, but he’s golfing with celebrities, according to a report by The Hill. People flocked to Trump and many pointed out that they appreciated Trump’s attention and time. Some even gave verbal jabs against Obama who many stated they feel has ignored their dire situation.


ABC News also caught up with a Louisiana flood victim who was in tears. He said that it meant much to him that Donald Trump showed up. He also said America needs to wake up and get behind Donald Trump’s campaign for the presidency.


Conservative news outlets pounced on the fact that Donald Trump visited flood-ravaged communities before either Obama or Clinton. While some have accused Trump of showing up in Louisiana simply for a photo-op or to put his campaign in the spotlight, that might not be a fair attack. Donald Trump has been well documented for his charitable acts and donations. As a billionaire, Trump has given to numerous charitable organizations. According to the site Look to the Stars, Trump has donated money and supports the following charities.

  • Arnold Palmer Foundation
  • Celebrity Fight Night Foundation
  • Children with AIDS
  • David Foster Foundation
  • Friends of Scotland
  • Jimmy Fund
  • Los Angeles Police Memorial Foundation
  • Make A Child Smile Appeal
  • Make-A-Wish Foundation
  • Mississippi Animal Rescue League
  • Muhammad Ali Parkinson Center
  • Neurofibromatosis, Inc.
  • Operation Smile
  • Paralyzed Veterans of America
  • Pediatric Epilepsy Project
  • Raising Malawi
  • Reef Relief
  • Smile Train
  • St. Francis Food Pantries and Shelters
  • The Doe Fund

Though Trump has been accused of racism, there are several charities that he supports that would indicate he isn’t against Africans. This is evidenced in his support for Raising Malawi. Some of the allegations against Trump seem to be wrong. What might be most troubling is that the most troubling views about the Republican candidate are a result of his own doing. Trump says a lot of troubling things. There is no question about it. He has also recently made an attempt at an apology. Trump has been accused of being sexist, based on his own comments. He then hired Kellyanne Conway and is listening to her. Would a sexist, misogynist pig hire a woman to run his campaign?

ABC News caught up with Trump in Louisiana and asked if his speech was an apology. Trump nodded his head and said people will take it like they see it. Some have called for Trump to make a direct apology to specific people. Do you think his speech and comments were enough? You can view Trump’s past speeches in the videos at the top of this article.


Something that might be evidence that Trump isn’t a typical racist as he’s been portrayed, is his relationship with prosperity teachers and pastors. Would a white supremacist be prayed over by black pastors and a Messianic Jew? Trump’s spiritual adviser is Paula White, who has preached at T.D. Jakes conferences and leads predominantly black churches. Is Donald Trump really a racist or does he have a habit of saying rude and offensive things, maybe without realizing how they will sound? Paula White spoke about her 14-year friendship with Donald Trump.

What is really interesting to note about the CNN interview with Paula White, is that Donald Trump seems to have a difficult time grasping the concept of personal repentance and asking for forgiveness in his Christian faith. He seems to demonstrate the same behavior in his public apologies as well. Is it possible that Trump has a problem with the concepts of forgiveness, repentance, and saying “I’m sorry” in every aspect of his life? Maybe once he gets that worked out in his Christian faith, there will be a change in his public persona. Maybe a president who isn’t always apologizing to the rest of the world isn’t necessarily a bad thing, either. What do you think?


Donald Trump and Mike Pence arrived in Louisiana and Right Side Broadcasting captured the event on video. You can also watch footage from today and many of Donald Trump’s speeches and events in the video player above.

Donald Trump was videotaped handing out supplies to Louisiana flood victims.

After spending time with people, Donald Trump and Mike Pence flew out of Baton Rouge.

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