'One Piece' Chapter 883 Spoilers: Luffy's Gear 4th Got Owned By Katakuri's Awakening, Gear 5th Coming Soon?

One Piece Chapter 883 entitled "Snack Time" will be featuring the continuation of the battle between Monkey D. Luffy and Charlotte Katakuri. It will also reveal the real appearance of Katakuri and his glutton for sweets. Will the Strawhat Pirates captain find a way to defeat one of Big Mom's sweet commanders?

Luffy and Katakuri are still fighting in Brulee's Mirror World. With his ability to slightly predict the future, Katakuri can easily read and counter every attack of Luffy. In the upcoming episode of One Piece, Luffy will finally use Gear 4th against Katakuri. Unfortunately, the enemy already knew what he's about to do and defeated him using Awakening.

As of now, it's crystal clear that Katakuri is too powerful for Luffy. Unless he learns Awakening, Luffy doesn't have enough power to beat Katakuri. After receiving Katakuri's attack, Luffy crashed into the Mochi wall. Katakuri blamed Luffy for the delay in his snack time. The sweet commander built a house made of mochi where he will eat his snack.

A fat Luffy came out of the Mochi wall. Like what he did to Charlotte Cracker in the previous chapter of One Piece, Luffy also took advantage of Katakuri's ability with the help of his unlimited appetite.

On his way out of the Mochi wall, Luffy found Katakuri in the house he built eating his snack. He was surprised to see Katakuri's real appearance, having long fangs for teeth. It was also revealed that Katakuri is a glutton for sweets and has no manner at all. The sweet commander is mad that someone discovered his appearance.

He started attacking everyone who saw him, including the chefs who made his food. In One Piece Chapter 883, Luffy fought Katakuri for the second time and finally landed a kick. He decided to use Kong Gun but suffered another defeat in the hands of the sweet commander.

After completely owning the Strawhat Pirates captain, Katakuri turned his attention to remaining chefs. This was the first time his snack has been delayed. Katakuri takes his snack at exactly three o'clock in the afternoon. One chef, who called Katakuri "the perfectionist," informed him that his black tea has completely cooled down. This will surely add to the frustration of the sweet commander which could force him to give Luffy another beating.

As of now, it remains a mystery how Luffy will beat Katakuri. Before the Whole Cake Island arc comes to an end, the future Pirate King is expected to learn Gear 5th or Awakening. One Piece Chapter 883 will be available on Mangastream and other manga websites.

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