UFO Researchers: 82 Alien Species Are Currently In Contact With Earth -- And At Least Four Are Fighting For Control Over Earth [Video]

A three-part video (see below) purports to set aside the confusing New Age mumbo-jumbo in favor of the testimony of highly reliable whistleblower sources of information about the known extraterrestrial species visiting Earth.

Information about alien species visiting Earth comes from a variety of sources. The first sources are alien abductees and contactees. The second sources are whistleblowers, including former military personnel, intelligence officials, and government scientists or employees.

Although the public is often skeptical about the testimonies of alien abductees and contactees, members of the New Age movement and paranormal enthusiasts insist that their reliability has been demonstrated by scientific investigators such as neurologists, hypnotists, and psychologists.

But enthusiasts believe that even die-hard skeptics who reject any notion that information about extraterrestrials obtained from "spiritual channels" is admissible must pause to consider the testimony of former senior government officials-turned-whistleblowers such as the former minister of defense of Canada, Paul Hellyer.

Alien conspiracy theorists rank Hellyer among the most reputable and reliable sources of information about extraterrestrial species that are allegedly in contact with Earth.

Hellyer makes the jaw-dropping claim that there are more than 82 known alien species who have visited Earth. It is claimed that a wealth of information about these extraterrestrial species is contained in highly-classified documents used as training manuals or guides for military and intelligence personnel. The documents reveal that many of the known species, such as the Alpha-Draconians or Reptilians, have been living on Earth long before the human race.

Alien researchers insist that despite a carefully orchestrated disinformation campaign by government to make citizens believe that life has not been found on any of the hundreds of recently discovered exoplanets that are potentially capable of supporting life, our galaxy, with more than 100 billion stars, and our universe, with more than 100 billion observable galaxies, is teeming with life.

Alien and UFO researchers, according to the Alien Punk blog, insist that it is inconceivable that in a universe estimated to be about 14 billion-years-old, with more than 100 billion observable galaxies, life would exist only on planet Earth, estimated to be only about four billion-years-old.

Believers claim that unknown to millions, there exists a vast array of extraterrestrial life forms in our galaxy, and many have been visiting Earth for millions of years before the first Lyran ancestors of the human race colonized the planet.

According to proponents of the ancient astronaut theory, ancient humans mistook extraterrestrials (ETs) that visited Earth as "gods" that descended from the sky in bright light chariots to impart knowledge and skills, such as science, astronomy, and technology.

Extraterrestrial visitors were depicted by ancient humans as beings with large heads, large eyes, and shiny skin, wearing strange suits that appear to modern-day observers to be space suits.

Ancient humans depicted the UFO spacecraft of alien astronauts visiting Earth as chariots, due to the limitations of conceptualization as pre-scientific and pre-technological humans.

Ancient astronaut theorists believe that the depiction of the thrones, palaces, and vehicles of the gods as flying crafts proves that technologically advanced extraterrestrial beings in sophisticated flying crafts visited Earth in the past and that humans have interacted with alien species for thousands of years.

Based on the testimonies of highly reliable sources, researchers often classify the vast array of known alien species by reference to the Earth life forms they resemble, such as mammalian, reptilian, amphibian, or insectoid forms.

Hellyer gave testimony before Canada's parliament about a government cover-up of UFO information and ETs visiting Earth in advanced UFO spacecraft.

According to Hellyer, there are presently about 82 species of alien beings that have visited Earth, and at least four of them have made contact with human governments.

Some of the alien species visiting Earth, such as the Pleiadians and the Arcturians, are benevolent, while others, such as the Reptilians, represent a grave threat to the survival of the human race.

A spiritual being
Some alien species, such as the Pleiadians and Arcturians, are highly evolved and benevolent beings [Image via Shutterstock]

The fact of the existence of these alien beings means that any projection of the course of human affairs, which does not take into consideration the influence of extraterrestrials, is an exercise in futility.

According to alien and UFO researchers, thousands of detailed eyewitness accounts accumulated over the decades make it possible to identify alien species that are playing an active role in global politics and are vying for control over the Earth.

The first known alien species are the ancient extraterrestrial race called the Sirians, from the Sirius B star system, according to Locklip.

It is believed that Sirian ETs were in contact with advanced early human civilizations, such as the ancient Egyptians, the ancient Mayans, and the older Atlantean civilization, which is believed to have sunk into the oceans.

The Sirians imparted knowledge of mathematics and astronomy that helped in the construction of the monuments of ancient history, such as the ancient pyramids and massive temples.

The second and probably the best known of alien species in contact with Earth are the Short Grays from the Zeta Reticuli system.

They are the alien species typically depicted in popular culture.

Short Grays are three to five feet tall and have large heads and oversized dark-pool eyes. They have spindly limbs and a tiny mouth, which they rarely use for communication because they rely mostly on telepathy.

Short Grays are believed to be responsible for abductions of humans and animals. It is claimed that Grays conduct abductions based on the Grenada Treaty signed with the U.S. government during the administration of President Dwight Eisenhower in 1954.

Short Grays are believed to be a genetically engineered drone race designed to serve the superior Tall Gray alien race. The have a hive mind consciousness and are used by Tall Grays for dangerous science and military missions and other projects where ruthlessness and lack of empathy give a competitive advantage.

This explains why Grays are the alien race implicated in Nazi-style genetic hybridization programs despite only acting on the orders of their Tall Gray superiors.

Tall Grays are nearly identical in appearance with Short Grays. They are distinguished from Short Grays only by their considerably taller stature, about seven to eight feet.

Short Grays represent Tall Grays on relatively low-level missions. Tall Grays conduct high-level diplomatic contact with humans as envoys and ambassadors. Tall Grays are represented in the world "shadow government" as senior members.

The "world shadow government" is a term used in reference to an alleged clandestine group of the global elite that controls world affairs from behind the scenes.

Some believe that Tall Grays have some human genetic material due to previous genetic hybridization with humans. The ultimate goal of on-going genetic hybridization projects is to create a new Tall Gray hybrid race that will take full control of Earth as the new global elite.

The fourth group of aliens is the dreadful Alpha-Draconians, better known as the Reptilians. They are considered the oldest of all intelligent biological species in our Milky Way Galaxy and on Earth.

A Reptilian alien
Reptilian aliens are warlike and bloodthirsty species [Image via Shutterstock]

According to alien folklore, they arrived on Earth more than 600,000 years before the Lyran ancestors of humans arrived about 200,000 years ago.

Reptilians are a war-like, bloodthirsty, and shape-shifting species that have infiltrated human society and infected humanity with their genes, thus imparting war-likeness and viciousness to humans.

Almost every human individual has some Reptilian blood. Humans with a higher level of Reptilian blood -- mostly members of the global elite classes, such as the old European royal families -- are alien-human hybrids capable of shape-shifting, according to alien folklore.

Like the Grays, the goal of the Reptilians is to take over Earth, and they have been known to collaborate with the Grays to this sinister end.

Lesser-known alien species that are presently in contact with Earth, according to conspiracy theorists, include the "Dracos, Agharians, Aghartians, Altairians, Amphibians, Anakim, Andromedans, Nimrod, Antaries, Atlans, Al-Gruualix, Airk, Akart, Alabram, Baavi, Bernarians, Blue People, The Blues, Buttahs, Cetians, Tau Cetians, Chameleon, Chirons, Deros," and many more.

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