'Big Brother 18' Spoilers: Natalie's HOH Plan Could Backfire In A Big Way With Co-HOH Twist

Big Brother 18 has been intense for the last 10 days. The entire house was flipped because of the girls figuring out Paulie's game. Zakiyah went out the door, followed by Bridgette. Michelle played a role in blowing up his BB game too, which caused Victor to nominate both Corey and Paulie for eviction. Without a doubt, the house was set on voting on Paulie. That is exactly how last night's eviction played out, and there was no return trip back into the house for the youngest Calafiore brother.

Unfortunately, the Head of Household competition was not started during the live show. The players had to wait for a while before they could begin. According to Big Brother Leak, Natalie was able to win HOH. This was supposed to be amazing news for fans who have been rooting for her and James to make it to the final two. However, overnight, they made a deal with the devil. That's right, there is a final four alliance between Natalie, James, Nicole, and Corey.With the nominations happening today, the Big Brother house is in for a surprise. The care package this week includes a co-HOH bonus. Voting has been open all week. Throughout various Facebook groups, fans have been commenting about who they are voting for and why. Natalie, James, and Nicole are not eligible because they have already received a care package. It looks like there are three possibilities for who could win the coveted care package this week, Corey, Michelle, or Victor. This is going to be a game-changer for Natalie, especially since she has decided to make a big move as HOH this week.
Overnight, Natalie has decided that she was going to shake-up the BB house and nominate Paul and Victor for eviction. This comes as a shock to most people because she was aligned with them in getting Corey or Nicole out next. Since a deal was struck for final four with the two vets and their showmances, everything has changed. Big Brother is a game where things flip around all the time, and it looks like the last few weeks of the game are going to be filled with backstabbing and blindsides.Victor has a high possibility of winning the care package this week, and that will throw a wrench in the plans to have him nominated. Natalie will likely then choose Paul for sure. If Victor is co-HOH, he will definitely nominate Corey if he gets the chance. There is some concern that if he finds out Natalie has flipped, he will choose to nominate James for eviction. Since no one in the house knows what the care package will include, this is definitely going to be an intense nomination ceremony. There is a lot to consider when nominating anyone in the house but having to share your HOH with someone else and splitting the nominations is even scarier. Anything could happen this week, and the Big Brother players aren't prepared at all.
Next week is the jury battle back, which presents more problems. Right now, there are four jurors in the house waiting for a second chance at winning Big Brother. Da'Vonne, Zakiyah, Bridgette, and Paulie are all sequestered, and the fifth jury member will be the next evicted houseguest. With the people that have been put out, Paulie is the strongest competitor, which means there is a chance to see him in the game once again. Next week is going to be intense and definitely a week fans won't want to miss!Who will be returning to the Big Brother house, and will Natalie destroy her game this week by making a deal with the devil?

[Image via CBS]