Justin Bieber Cuddles Sofia Richie Amid Selena Gomez And Nude Photo Shockers

Justin Bieber just earned himself the top ranking on the Summer 2016 Top Celebrity Bombshells List. And with help from new gal Sofia Richie and former girlfriend Selena Gomez, his Beliebers and now a hacker, the Biebs didn’t even have to do much work to earn that top spot.

It all began when Richie and Bieber started to date, taking their romance from sweet walks on the beach to jetting off to Japan. And when public displays of affection overseas got documented by the ever-present paparazzi, the backlash from the Beliebers grew even stronger, noted the Mirror.

Not helping to quiet the protesters, the lovebirds both flooded their social media with images of their affection for each other. Shocked that Sofia was getting blasted by his Beliebers, Bieber issued a warning that he would exit Instagram if they didn’t stop.

That’s when his former girlfriend Selena stepped into the picture, mocking his relationship with Richie. And it was time for one of the summer’s biggest bombshells: Bye, bye Biebs as he followed through with his threats.

Justin Bieber was hit by a backlash from his Beliebers over his new gal pal.
Justin Bieber was hit by a backlash from his Beliebers over his new gal pal. [Photo by Mat Hayward/Getty Images]

Through all the social media mania, however, Sofia and Bieber have continued to show off their affection, with the pop prince cuddling the 17-year-old daughter of music legend Lionel Richie on their trip to Tokyo. But a source quoted by the Mirror hinted that Selena just might be jealous of the speed of that romance.

“He was Selena’s first love, and she hasn’t been able to totally get over him.”

However, that same insider denied Bieber’s claims that Gomez had used him in order to boost her own fame.

“They’re both young and have made mistakes, but she has never used him. He put their relationship out there way more than she ever did, and he’s been very strategic about it,” revealed the source. “Whenever something good is happening in her life, he’ll post something to get at her.”

Justin Bieber battles those who criticize his new girlfriend.
Justin Bieber battles those who criticize his new girlfriend. [Photo by Mat Hayward/Getty Images]

And amid all that drama involving Selena, Richie, and Bieber, his former flame Chantel Jeffries shocked everyone with a photo of the “Sorry” singer nude, flaunting his private parts, reported E News, which noted that she had suffered a hacker attack.

Chantel’s social media shocker didn’t just feature the nude photo of her former boyfriend. It also included a caption.

“I love you Justin.”

Adding more intrigue, the photo included a tag of Gomez on the Biebs’ bottom part. The entire creation subsequently was removed, and Jeffries expressed her anger on Snapchat.

“Oh my God. Whoever hacked my Instagram account has me so f–ked up right now,” ranted Chantel. “Someone’s been trying to hack into all my stuff today.”

However, no one blamed a hacker for the battle among Bieber, Gomez and his Beliebers over Richie, who traveled with him to Japan.


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“I’m gonna make my Instagram private if you guys don’t stop the hate this is getting out of hand,” he threatened initially after the backlash over his pictures with Sofia.

Selena had defended his Beliebers while bashing him for posting the photos of his new girlfriend.

“If you can’t handle the hate then stop posting pictures of your girlfriend lol – it should be special between you two only,” Gomez slammed.

“Don’t be mad at your fans. They love you.”

But now that her former boyfriend has taken down his account, all that Selena has are regrets for her behavior, an insider told Hollywood Life.


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“Selena is kicking herself for getting mixed up in all this drama,” shared the source. “She made an emotional decision and now regrets it.”

If she had it to do over again, Gomez would tell the Biebs privately rather than choose a public forum. But that opportunity is long gone.

Moreover, as the Inquisitr reported, Justin reportedly is so angry at Selena that he refuses to accept her attempts at an apology. Gomez allegedly has been attempting to contact him but has failed because she pushed him to the point of no longer caring for her.

[Photo by Mat Hayward/Getty Images]