Amanda Stanton Choosing Josh Murray And Fame Over Daughters? Ex-Husband Speaks Out

Is Amanda Stanton so concentrated on her relationship with Josh Murray and increasing fame that she's spending less than with her two young daughters? In a statement to Life & Style, posted on Wednesday, that's what Amanda's ex-husband, Nick Buonfiglio, seemed to imply.

Nick told the magazine that ever since Amanda filmed the Bachelor spin-off show, she has been spending less time with their two daughters.
"Before Bachelor in Paradise, they had never been to day care. Then, as soon as she comes back... they're in day care full-time."
This isn't the first time that Amanda's ex has spoken out to the media. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Nick told Life & Style in February that their marriage ended because they married too young and didn't communicate well. He gave Ben Higgins, should he choose Amanda at the end, advice on having a relationship with Amanda.
"She tends to get stressed out pretty easily. She can get high anxiety. When we were together, she got very frantic sometimes. The best thing to do is just stay calm, cool and levelheaded with her. I wasn't able to do that as much as I should've. She likes to talk, so just have an open ear."

After that article came out, Nick posted a lengthy message to his Facebook page defending himself from his critics. Nick admitted that he did treat Amanda wrongly during their marriage but said that he has since learned and grown from that experience. He also pointed out that he had Amanda's blessing to talk to the media and that he has a good co-parenting relationship with Amanda.

"Ok, so I have done my absolute best to keep quiet to all these so called 'critics' about my life, me as a father, and my failed marriage. First off, I never asked to be put in the spotlight, I was thrown into it. For people whom I do not know, and have no idea about my life, my kids, or even much about Amanda, to comment the horrible things they have said to me, is baffling. I will set the record straight right now. Yes, I made mistakes in my marriage, I was not a perfect person, but who is? I have grown a lot from my past, and believe if you can learn from your mistakes you'll be better than you use to be. I did not cheat on Amanda, did I lie, sure, did I emotionally cheat, yes. As for the media, I have consulted with Amanda before I spoke to any magazine, as she gave me the go ahead...Lastly, my children are the center of my world, and to have the relationship i do with their mother is something I hope thousands of other divorced co parents can do..."

During Ben's season of The Bachelor, Amanda Stanton said that her ex-husband was not committed to the marriage, preferring instead to hang out with his friends and go to the gym instead of with her and their children. She also said that he cheated on her with multiple women.

During Amanda's hometown date, Ben met Amanda's two young girls and spent time with her parents. Amanda's dad warned Ben about all of the instant responsibilities that he'll have if he were to propose to Amanda. Ben ended up sending Amanda home after the hometowns, telling her that it wasn't fair for him to keep her away from her daughters if he didn't see himself marrying her.

Amanda currently stars on Season 3 of Bachelor in Paradise. The past few episodes of the spin-off have shown Amanda in a hot and heavy relationship with Josh Murray, who is from Andi Dorfman's season of The Bachelorette. After first expressing interest in Nick Viall and going out on a date with him, she then went on a date with Josh. Her date with Josh went even better than her date with Nick.

During the date, Amanda did question Josh about the claims that Andi made out him in her tell-all book, It's Not Okay, which describes Josh as having been jealous, insecure, and emotionally and verbally abusive during their engagement. Josh dismissed the work as pure fiction and lies, that he's being the bigger person and that God knows the truth. Amanda believed Josh and was satisfied with his answer.

"I thought he gave a really good answer, and I trust him. And, I can tell how genuine he is. So, it's not really something I'm worried about. I'm just excited to see where things go from here."
Since Josh and Amanda's return from that date, they have been shown constantly engaging in some very heavy public displays of affection. Their constant attachment to one another and kissing sessions has even caused the other cast members to make fun of them, with Nick questioning why they have to be making out in front of everyone all of the time. At one point, Lace Morris asked them if they even breathe when they kiss.
Amanda has remained with Josh despite both Evan Bass and Nick Viall warning her about Josh. First, Evan, wanting to date Amanda himself, reminded her of what Andi wrote about Josh in her book. Then, Nick, who was the runner-up for Andi behind Josh, warned Amanda to at least consider that the things Andi wrote about Josh might be true. Nick, admitting that what Andi wrote about him in her tell-all was mostly true, said that there could be some truths to what she wrote about Josh. Amanda considered what Evan and Nick told her but still decided to be with Josh.

Of course, it remains to be seen whether viewers will see Josh Murray and Amanda Stanton leave Bachelor in Paradise in love and, perhaps, engaged. In late June, the franchise's creator and producer, Mike Fleiss, tweeted that more than one couple got engaged while filming the show.

[Image via ABC]