Gary Johnson, Bill Weld Provide Rational Choice For America In 2016 Election

Former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson has brought some much-needed truth-telling to an election where very little seems to be present — at least as far as the national media is concerned.

It’s as though there are two sides to the 2016 election, and those two outlooks aren’t your typical Democrat versus Republican. No, in 2016, it seems the election is going to come down to the delusional and the rational.

On the delusional side, you have both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, two candidates who seemingly belong on opposite tickets given their histories — Clinton as the warmonger and Trump as the socialist.

With Trump, there’s his “asinine” wall, as Gary Johnson put it.

And with Clinton, there’s the whole criminal element of putting our national security in jeopardy for the sake of convenience, as Gary Johnson supporter and Overstock CEO Patrick Byrne so aptly articulated.

With Gary Johnson, you get a two-term governor who lowered taxes 14 times in a state that leans heavily Democrat in New Mexico. And the same goes for his running mate, Bill Weld, who lowered taxes 21 times in Massachusetts and has supported equal rights for same-sex couples since 1992.

Gary Johnson, Bill Weld speak at rally
[Photo by George Frey/Getty Images]

So, in short, what you get with these two Libertarian alternatives to the so-called choices is a rational ticket to vote for in the 2016 election.

Gary Johnson offered some terrific insight on his plan in a piece he penned for Time recently, highlighting just how far this country has strayed from its Constitutional roots. Johnson described his concept for taking America back to its founding ideals in detail.

“That approach is financial responsibility, less government, greater individual freedom, and a foreign policy that distinguishes between truly making us safe and engaging in ill-advised interventions abroad.

“When government grows and takes more of our money in taxes, we lose freedom. My vision for America is straightforward: I want more freedom, not less, so that my children and millions of Americans, young and old, have the same opportunity to achieve their dreams that I have had.”

What also separates Gary Johnson from the other candidates is that his message resonates with the younger demographic, much like Ron Paul did back in 2012. This also corresponds to Johnson rising in the polls enough to warrant some serious attention from the Commission on Presidential Debates. Johnson is polling ahead of Trump in the age 18-34 demographic and has growing support around the country.

Gary Johnson supporters at rally
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And perhaps that’s because the message of personal liberty and freedom are universal, and Gary Johnson has been preaching about those concepts for a while now. Johnson has been an outspoken advocate of decriminalizing marijuana and, in general, all behavior that doesn’t cause harm to others.

Johnson says that what both sides of the aisle have struggled with in recent years is that just because there is a disagreement on certain issues doesn’t mean one opinion outweighs the other and should impose its views on the opponent. That’s what caused America to come into existence, and Gary Johnson is giving those with the spirit of the original founders of this nation a rallying cry this November. And if growing donations are any indication, Gary Johnson will have a fighting chance to win.

So as divides grow in this country and things appear to be getting worse rather than better, voters should know that Gary Johnson offers a solution. The concept of freedom is ubiquitous in the human spirit. With Johnson and Weld providing a clear path for America that has this very idea in mind, it’s easy to see why their message is gaining volume as an otherwise very divisive election approaches.

[Photo by George Frey/Getty Images]