Blogging Bill: Here’s what it’s like to sit through a Category 1 Hurricane

6:30pm Atlantic Time: The wind is blowing off the North Atlantic ocean from the Northeast at about 15kph. The sky is turning black and rolling thunder can be heard in the distance. A light rain is starting but it seems worse than it is right now because of the increasing winds.

Hurricane Bill, downgraded to a Category 1 hurricane earlier today, is moving in on my town located on the Northeast coast of Newfoundland, Canada. Alerts have been issued for the Southern portions of the province and officials there have had work crews out securing things and taking emergency precautions in preparation for the impending storm. Already there’s heavy rain falling on the Avalon peninsula area where the capital city of St. John’s is already feeling the effects. My location is about 400km North Northwest of St. John’s.

Rain has increased since I started writing this and it’s pouring now. The thunder is getting closer. I’d take pictures, but even though it’s only about 6:30pm, there’s not enough light left to get any good shots.


Keep an eye on this spot and the tag Blogging Bill for more updates. As long as the power stays on, I’ll be blogging about the storm here at the Inquisitr so that those of you who have never experienced something like this will have an idea of what it’s like.