‘The Crew’ PS4 Server Issues Abound After ‘Calling All Units’ Trailer Hits

Yesterday, The Crew on PS4 was crippled with issues stemming from a mysterious connectivity hiccup. It followed shortly after the servers went down for Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege, raising questions about Ubisoft’s insistence on keeping certain games always online.

PlayStation 4 gamers who tried to play The Crew on Thursday were greeted with a message stating there was a connection problem, citing a code seen across the globe. It had gone down for more than eight hours, which is an average work day for full-time employees in the United States. Ubisoft claims to have fixed the problem overnight, but that didn’t stop the issue from souring the experience for gamers who felt the need for speed (without actually playing Need for Speed).

Some gamers even stated that The Crew‘s PS4 server problems killed their plans, as some were planning on live streaming a gaming session.

This is the problem most common with games which require a persistent online connection. If the servers go down for the game, it’s unplayable. An offline mode would fix it for the consumer, at least while the servers are down, so the game can sync up with the server when it comes back online.

Some even speculated that The Crew‘s PS4 problems yesterday may have been a DDoS attack by a hacker group who thrives on attention, and therefore will not be named here. Had that been the issue, Uplay would have been down for everybody, regardless of the game. It would have also affected Xbox One and PC gamers on all of Ubisoft’s titles.

The issue seemed oddly timed as well, because only a day prior, there was a trailer released for an upcoming expansion titled Calling All Units. At its core, the expansion seems to stem from a habit which show-off gamers tend to thrive on, which is hitting police and getting into a chase. There is a trophy and achievement connected to it, giving new gamers a reason to repeatedly seek out police cars and get into a chase only to outrace them.

The Crew: Calling All Units will give the gamer a chance to play as the police when the expansion release date hits on November 29, alongside The Crew: Ultimate Edition on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

IGN says that the expansion will include a new level cap of 60 for all editions of The Crew, including the core game and Wild Run. This could also mean an updated list of achievements and trophies including a new one for tuning your car past 1299 (by using your Perks wisely and upgrading all of your parts to level 50 platinum).

You will be able to initiate police chases from anywhere during free-drive, and this time the police might actually be another gamer. There will be an added bonus for collecting crates as the racer before losing your pursuer, and this time it probably won’t be limited to dirt and raid spec cars or a time limit to collect 80 out of 100.

The available cars will also expand for police gamers, with top-tier upgrades for cars like the Koenigsegg Agera R to convert them into cruisers. You will also have access to “indestructible” SUVs as a badge-wearing gamer. The racers also receive perks for involving themselves in chases, such as unlimited nitro and flash-bang grenades to help ward off pursuers.

Again, it’s unknown if The Crew: Calling All Units on PS4, Xbox One, and PC will add new trophies or achievements, as Wild Run didn’t add any. Persisting issues with certain trophies might also be fixed, since many gamers have reported them not triggering.

Some are even hoping for new race tracks such as the Atlanta Motor Speedway with the upcoming expansion, since Wild Run added more. We’ll know more when The Crew‘s final expansion hits PS4, Xbox One, and PC in November.

[Feature image via Ubisoft]