Ross Perot Publishing An Autobiography In January

Ross Perot will publish an autobiography early next year, signing a deal with publisher Simon & Schuster for a book called Ross Perot: My Life.

The 82-year-old Texas billionaire and former presidential candidate will detail his turn in politics and his run as the most successful third-party candidate in decades, The Associated Press reported.

In 1992, Perot took nearly 19 percent of the vote in the presidential race, one many believe he helped turn toward Bill Clinton. But though Ross Perot found support among many Republicans, his independent ideals found supports on both sides of the aisle.

Ross Perot: My Life will also detail his less successful run for president in 1996, USA Today reported. Aside from politics, the autobiography will also cover his work with the military and education in Texas.

“Few Americans have so indelibly marked so many facets of our recent history as Mr. Perot,” said Thomas LeBien, vice president and senior editor at Simon & Schuster. “He has an inspiring story to share, one that speaks immediately to the challenges America now confronts. His voice must be heard.”

Of the Ross Perot book, Simon & Schuster noted:

“Mr. Perot helped launch the nation’s high tech industry, twice building multi-billion dollar companies. Focused on the country’s fiscal crises, he ran the most successful third party presidential candidacy in modern American history, and thereafter helped launch the Reform Party. The legacy of his lifelong support of education reform and the men and women of the armed forces is profound. …

“Mr. Perot’s life is one of remarkable accomplishment. Launched in 1962 with $1,000, Mr. Perot’s first company, Electronic Data Systems, was bought by General Motors for $2.5 billion in 1984. He would repeat that success with Perot Systems. The work ethic and loyalty that were his hallmarks as a CEO are forever associated with the private rescue he directed to bring home two EDS employees held hostage in Revolutionary Iran. Beginning with American POWs in Southeast Asian, Mr. Perot has dedicated himself to ensuring that armed forces personnel are remembered and honored.”

Perot has written political books before, including Ross Perot: My Life & the Principles for Success. In 1992 he wrote United We Stand, a book about his presidential campaign.