Finn Balor Says He Wants To Wrestle The Undertaker At ‘WrestleMania’

We’re only two days away from crowning the first ever WWE Universal Champion, which may end up being Finn Balor, as he’s set to take on Seth Rollins at this Sunday’s SummerSlam show. But, while Balor is ready and excited for his Championship match with Rollins on Sunday, he’s also excited for the future, and to live out his dream of facing WWE legend The Undertaker at WrestleMania.

Balor appeared on Friday’s edition of Talk is Jericho, and when Chris Jericho asked the former NXT Champ about a possible match with The Undertaker, he said that he has often dreamed about facing “The Deadman” on WWE’s grandest stage, and that he was somewhat fantasizing about being the WWE legend’s opponent at WrestleMania 32 this past year, prior to WWE announcing his opponent for the event.

WWE’s “Demon King” also said that, prior to his main roster debut, he thought to himself that there would be no better way to make an impact on Raw than to face and defeat Roman Reigns in his very first night on WWE’s big stage, and, of course, he ended up doing that, so because of that, he’s confident that his vision for a match with The Undertaker will come true as well.

“Before the last WrestleMania, before The Undertaker’s match got announced, I kind of fantasy book myself in my head sometimes, and I go ‘you know what, if they really wanted to make me a mystery opponent for The Undertaker, I’ll come out as The Demon, and even if I lose, I still win.'”

“I also used to think, ‘if I’m gonna debut on Raw, I wanna kick the door down, and I wanna beat Roman Reigns on my first night’ and I’m not kidding. I’ve said that out loud to some of my friends, I said ‘that’s how you make a debut, you go in and you beat the top guy.'”

There has been a rumor going around that The Undertaker is going to make his return at SummerSlam, but we haven’t heard any further details on what he may be doing if he does return at the event. Could WWE be planning a face-off between “The Deadman” and the “Demon King”? Probably not, but you never know!

It’s unclear which brand The Undertaker will be a part of upon his return. He was a part of SmackDown for the majority of the first brand split, and he may end up going there again. But, given the fact that he’ll only make a few appearances a year, he’ll probably have a small impact on whichever brand he’s on.

As for what’s next for Finn Balor after SummerSlam, well, whether he wins or loses at the event, he’ll probably end up having a series of matches with Seth Rollins. But, after that, he may be moving on to either Roman Reigns, or even Brock Lesnar, depending on if he ends up winning the Universal Championship on Sunday.

During his chat with Chris Jericho, Balor mentioned that his parents are flying in from Ireland to attend SummerSlam in Brooklyn, which may be a hint that he’s winning the Universal Championship on Sunday. But, plans do change on a daily basis in WWE, so nothing is guaranteed.

Originally, Balor was supposed to work with Chris Jericho upon his WWE main roster debut, but, Vince McMahon decided to change that plan, and make Balor into a main eventer in just one night.

It’s pretty clear that WWE is behind Finn Balor, but are they behind him enough to put him in the ring with The Undertaker at WrestleMania 33? We’ll see, but it would certainly epic if it were to happen next spring.

[Images via WWE]