WWE News: Big Update On Eva Marie’s Wellness Policy Violation & Suspension

It has not been a good week for WWE superstars as far as the company’s Wellness Policy is concerned. On Thursday, Eva Marie became the third performer in the last two days to violate the policy, resulting in a 30-day suspension. Eva Marie is now the sixth WWE superstar to receive a suspension as a result of a failed test in 2016, joining Adam Rose, Konnor of The Ascension, Roman Reigns, Alberto Del Rio, and Paige.

As noted, like Del Rio and Paige (and Reigns last month), this is Eva Marie’s first violation. Rose, who is no longer with the company, and Konnor were both two-time offenders, which resulted in a 60-day suspension. Brock Lesnar violated a USADA-administered test but was not subject to suspension from the WWE, as he is considered a part-time employee and therefore does not adhere to the same set of rules as the full-time superstars. Also, before his return to the WWE, Randy Orton spent time in a rehabilitation center in order to remove one of his strikes against him.

eva marie
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Eva Marie, who was finally set for a full-time run on the main roster, had been appearing on SmackDown Live for the past four weeks as a heel. Her current gimmick has seen her feign injury, have a wardrobe malfunction, and get stuck in traffic in an effort to draw heat for not actually getting physical. It landed her on the SummerSlam card alongside Natalya and Alexa Bliss against the team of Becky Lynch, Carmella, and Naomi. Eva Marie’s suspension puts that match in jeopardy, with the WWE releasing the following statement on their website.

“Will Alexa & Natalya power through without the ‘eternally beguiling’ redhead and battle Becky, Carmella & Naomi in a 2-on-3 Handicap Match? Or will the fierce Bliss and the tactical Natalya recruit a partner in time for The Biggest Event of the Summer? See what ripple effect Eva’s absence will have on the rest of the division when SummerSlam gets underway this Sunday night on the award-winning WWE Network at 7 ET/4 PT.”

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The ambiguity of the company’s statement doesn’t lend itself to a solution, though the Inquisitr recently suggested that after being cleared to return to the ring, perhaps Nikki Bella could replace Eva Marie in the match. That remains to be seen and might be tricky considering Nikki would have to return as a heel.

We noted that Del Rio and Paige’s suspensions were put into effect on Thursday, even though the announcement came the previous day, which coincidentally was on Paige’s birthday. The announcement of Eva Marie’s suspension was made Thursday and put into effect immediately. Del Rio and Paige’s cases were exceptions, whereas with Eva Marie, that is the norm.

If you recall, WWE officials were made aware of Roman Reigns’ violation several days before it was announced, and days before he was allowed to compete in the main event of Money in the Bank and the following night on RAW. The WWE suspended him beginning on a Tuesday, which still allowed him to return in time for the main event at Battleground. According to Wrestling Inc, top WWE officials were made aware of Eva Marie’s violation on Wednesday, so they didn’t wait long before making the news public.

However, that is not all. In a questionable move, Eva Marie’s husband, Jonathan Coyle, could not contain himself and took to Twitter to voice his displeasure with the decision.

While there is still uncertainty surrounding the state of her SummerSlam match, there also may be questions when it comes to the reality show, Total Divas. It’s been speculated that the E! network may use Paige’s violation as part of one of the storylines, but with Eva Marie compounding the situation, that becomes less clear. Eva and her husband both appear on the program regularly.

Social media outrage is probably not the best course of action for a suspended superstar. Adam Rose was extremely active on his accounts, leading to his departure from the company earlier this year. Jonathan has promised more, so we’ll have to wait and see where that leaves Eva Marie, just as her WWE act was gaining traction.

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