‘General Hospital’ News: Tristan Rogers Returns — What Brings Robert Scorpio Back To Port Charles? [Spoilers]

There is good news coming from the soap land of General Hospital. Tristan Rogers, aka the brilliant and lovable Robert Scorpio, is returning to the ABC daytime drama on August 26 to reprise the role that he has played off and on since 1981. Although this is apparently just a short stint, viewers are just thrilled to have this guy back on screen for however long he is available.

What brings Robert Scorpio back to Port Charles? There could be a few reasons that the special agent returns. According to Soaps In Depth, who was the first to report the news of his marvelous return, the Australian actor couldn’t reveal too much about the specific storyline he will be involved in. Rogers wasn’t about to get into trouble by revealing too much about his return.

“I don’t know how much I can say about it at this point. So I’ll probably divulge nothing. That’s the safest way to be!”

Tristan Rogers may be heading back to General Hospital, but that doesn’t mean Young and the Restless viewers should start fretting about losing the actor from their favorite soap. He is expected to be in Genoa City continuing his role as Colin on the CBS soap, as well as returning to GH. The soap actor is thrilled and honored to be able to do both roles on two different shows. He is well-loved in the daytime drama community and is always welcomed back with open arms by his fans.

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Even though things are hush-hush right now on what brings him back to Port Charles, Rogers did tease that he is expected to be involved in three particular stories on General Hospital. It may be that he comes back for one reason but then ends up getting involved in a couple of other storylines as well. Everyone will just have to wait to see what happens. However, there is no reason why one can’t speculate on who he will be involved with and exactly what he will be there to do.

One particular story on General Hospital that is on the list of reasons that would bring Robert Scorpio back is the apparent disappearance of Luke Spencer. He has been best friends with Luke for many years and even though Luke has a habit of not being in touch with anyone for a while, he usually communicates with Tracy, Laura, or Lulu once in a while, especially when he realizes that they are worried about his immediate safety.

Now that they found out the skeleton on Cassadine Island was not Luke, they still don’t know where he is. Laura told Tracy that if she still loved him, she would try to locate him. Did Tracy, or even Laura herself, contact Robert about this situation?

Rogers did spill to Soap Opera Digest that he got to work with Genie Francis (Laura) on his first day back on set, so that may be an indication that it could be about Luke. Those three went on many adventures together back in the 80s battling the Cassadine family, and Robert Scorpio would do anything to help his friends in PC.

Speaking of the Cassadines, Scorpio’s hunt for Luke Spencer could lead him back to Greece, where Laura and the others just got rescued from. There are speculations that Lulu and Laura have some unfinished business back on the island. Could Robert be heading back there with them to solve their mysteries?

There is also the question of who is killing patients at General Hospital, which is still up in the air. Who would be better to solve this mystery than Robert Scorpio? Tracking down killers and solving crimes is his specialty, so he could get unexpectedly wrapped into this storyline as well.

Whatever the reason that Tristan Rogers is brought back to Port Charles, General Hospital watchers are happy to have him back on screen. It’s too bad that Finola Hughes (Anna Devane) had to extend her summer break. She is not expected to return until later this fall, but you never know if Tristan will stick around until then. It would be great to see Robert and Anna back on screen together again.

What do you think will bring Robert Scorpio back on General Hospital?

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