Luann de Lesseps Staying With Thomas After Cheating To Keep Spot On ‘RHONY’?

Luann de Lesseps learned that Thomas D'Agostino may have been cheating on her on this week's episode of The Real Housewives of New York. Before Luann could see the proof that Bethenny Frankel had on her phone, she rushed out of the room because she was completely heartbroken. Luann tried to get into her hotel room, but she got stuck in the hallway. She asked the producers to shut down the cameras so she could have a moment. She was clearly hurt by what she had just learned, but it sounds like she listened to what Thomas had to say, as they are still busy planning their wedding this New Year's Eve.

According to a new Radar Online report, Luann de Lesseps is now being accused of staying with D'Agostino because of her role on the show. Luann is supposedly still very hurt by his cheating, even though Thomas has admitted that he's made mistakes in the past. No word on whether Luann will actually see the picture that Frankel has. But it sounds like Luann knows that he did something wrong, because she's been devastated.

"Obviously this is still really heartbreaking for her," an insider has revealed about Luann's current feelings about the cheating scandal.

Apparently, Luann is now being accused of staying with Thomas and planning the wedding because she wants to keep the romance alive. She's scared that breaking up with Thomas could jeopardize her role on The Real Housewives of New York.

"She had been reduced to a lesser role, and her relationship with Tom put her back to front and center," the insider has revealed to Radar Online, adding:
"She's upset by the drama, but more so, she wants to remain on 'Housewives.' Tom is her ticket to staying on the show."
Throughout her time on the show, Luann de Lesseps has shared her relationships. When she was married to the Count, she was a full-time housewife on The Real Housewives of New York. When she was dating -- and possibly cheating -- on Jacques Azoulay, she was a full-time housewife. But as soon as Luann became single in Season 6, she was demoted to a friend of the wives and didn't get much attention."LuAnn was shocked and heartbroken," a source said of the event, according to Radar Online, adding, "But she decided to stay with him."

Many people feel that de Lesseps is in denial about her relationship. It should have been a red flag that Ramona Singer and Sonja Morgan had already dated him. Rather than accept the fact that there is evidence that he cheated on her, Luann managed to flip the conversation, saying that Frankel was just bitter over her own divorce.

"I think that Bethenny is bitter over her divorce (that she's still trying to get at this point), and it's hard for her to see that some marriages, even though they end, were meant to happen and to be appreciated. I hope that she gets to this point in her life for her daughter's sake. I was blindsided when Bethenny shared with me what her friend saw at the Regency, and I asked the crew to stop filming me so I could process in private. My reaction was honest, and I was in pain," Luann de Lesseps revealed in her Bravo blog for The Real Housewives of New York, not mentioning Thomas in any capacity.

It does sound like Luann is in complete denial about her relationship, especially since she's still planning on getting married to him.

What do you think of the claims that Luann de Lesseps is just marrying Thomas D'Agostino to stay relevant on The Real Housewives of New York?

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