Farrah Abraham Admits To Doing Cocaine After Sophia’s Birth: ‘My Nose Hurt From The Coke’

Farrah Abraham has had an interesting life. When fans first met her on 16 & Pregnant, she wasn't mature enough to become a mother. Farrah was interested in cheerleading, staying out with her friends, and not in taking care of a little baby girl. But when she was seven months pregnant, the father of the child died in a car accident. Fans never got to know Derek Underwood, but he was excited about becoming a father. On Teen Mom, Farrah and Sophia visit his gravesite, but Farrah was left with the task of taking care of Sophia and raising her as a single mother.

According to a new Radar Online report, Farrah Abraham admits that it wasn't an easy time after Sophia was born. She's now opening up about how she coped with being alone, and sadly she turned to drugs. Just months after returning home from the hospital, Abraham found herself partying with her friends, drinking and snorting cocaine to deal with the pain. As she wrote in her book, My Teenage Dream Ended, she just needed an escape from being a single mother.

"I was partying too much; going out to just drink, mingle and escape the stress of my life," Farrah Abraham has revealed about the stress she went through after giving birth to Sophia as a single mother, adding, "It quickly became an issue."

Abraham reveals that she partied until 2 or 3 in the morning and came home way too late considering she had a newborn at home. One night, things went too far. Despite having the label of a party girl, Farrah simply drank too much, and she admits to snorting cocaine because she had a complete meltdown. Abraham was stressed out because she had just lost Sophia's father in a car accident and she was fighting with her parents.

"I started crying about Derek to some guy I was kind of into, and everything I had been holding down for months came spewing out of my like vomit," Abraham has revealed, adding, "The next morning I woke up looking and feeling like a mess, and my nose hurt from the coke. I'm not proud of this episode, but it was a good wake up call for me."

Abraham explains that this particular night was a wake-up call for her, she has gotten into trouble since then. In 2013, Farrah was arrested for driving under the influence, and she was forced into an alcohol abuse rehab center. She admitted to doing something illegal, and she was sentenced to probation. This could possibly have been her rock bottom, as she hasn't gotten into trouble since.

But many would argue that Farrah Abraham isn't exactly the perfect role model for her daughter. A few years ago, Abraham decided to film an adult video and sell it for over $1 million. Rumor has it that she actually filmed several movies and received money for it. In addition, she opened a frozen yogurt shop in Texas, and she's been working on various smaller businesses, such as her books, her fiction, and her pasta sauce.

Plus, Farrah Abraham continues to make headlines for her random behavior. For example, this week, Abraham made headlines on Radar Online for saying that her young daughter hangs out on Snapchat and talks to random people. She saw no problem in that, as it calms her down to text with strangers before bedtime. One has to wonder how Snapchat feels about a young girl using their service, as this could go against their terms of use.

What do you think of Farrah Abraham admitting to doing cocaine? Do you think she's a good role model these days, as she's put the drugs and the drunk driving on the shelf?

[Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images]