Blake Shelton Tells 'The Voice' Execs To Bring Gwen Stefani Back Or He Walks

Blake Shelton wants Gwen Stefani back on The Voice and is doing whatever it takes to see it done – even if that means leaving the show if his demands aren't met next season.

According to Radar Online, Shelton has already talked with the show's executive producers about bringing Stefani back as a coach next season.

"Blake is seriously pushing for the higher-ups to offer Gwen a contract for Season 12!" an insider revealed. "Blake told his bosses that they would be really foolish if they didn't!"

Shelton fell in love with Stefani during their time on the show last year.

Two seasons of The Voice have passed since their romance unfolded on the show, and Stefani has yet to make a return to the coach's seat.

Christina Aguilera originally replaced Stefani as a coach two seasons ago, though the pop star did appear as a mentor for Shelton's team.

Now, Aguilera is out, and the show replaced her with Miley Cyrus.

Miley Cyrus Vows To 'Destroy' Blake Shelton And Adam Levine On Season 11 Of 'The Voice' [Image via NBC Universal]
Miley Cyrus has reportedly been feuding with fellow coach Adam Levine. [Image via NBC Universal]According to International Business Times, Stefani is jealous that producers picked the "Wrecking Ball" singer over her and is worried that she might try to steal Shelton away.

"Blake is friendly to everyone, and Gwen wants to make sure that Miley doesn't misinterpret that as something else," a source explained. "Gwen wants to make sure Miley stays in her lane and doesn't get flirty with Blake."

Of course, Cyrus just reignited her romance with Liam Hemsworth, making it unlikely that she would jeopardize her relationship with the Hollywood star over Shelton.

Apparently, after Shelton learned that Stefani would not be a part of the new season, the couple was more than unhappy.

"The Voice executives already know that Gwen and Blake together are ratings gold because they saw it last season," the source added.

So far, Blake Shelton has yet to negotiate a new contract for Stefani. While producers want Stefani to return, the parties are still negotiating how to handle their romance in front of the cameras.

"Right now Blake, Gwen, and the bosses are in a back and forth bidding war over their contracts because the bosses want them to sign over exclusivity for certain things such as anything to do with their possible upcoming engagement," the source shared.

The insider continued: "They're discussing a contract for him a contract for Gwen and an added joint contract for whatever they require of them as a couple."

It is even rumored that producers are pressuring Blake to propose to Gwen on the air. After all, it would just seem like a formality since they are already planning a Christmas wedding, according to Life & Style.

Gwen Stefani was Blake Shelton's advisor last season on 'The Voice.'
Gwen Stefani was Blake Shelton's advisor last season on 'The Voice.'

That being said, Stefani's previous conflicts on the show might be the reason why producers don't want her back.

Radar Online is reporting that Stefani had an explosive fight on the set of The Voice after producers replaced Aguilera with Cyrus.

In particular, the No Doubt frontwoman was angry that producers had not told her about their plans to cast Cyrus instead of her.

"Gwen is livid that she was not asked to replace Christina on The Voice next season," an insider said. "And because of this she wants to quit the show altogether."

The source added that Stefani blames Aguilera for everything. Apparently, Stefani and Shelton believe Aguilera influenced producers to cast Cyrus just to make them angry.

That said, it is clear that Shelton is doing everything he can to get Stefani back on the hit singing competition as quickly as possible.

Inside Blake Shelton And Gwen Stefani's Epic Romance, How They Found Love After Heartbreak [Image via NBC]
Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani [Image via NBC Universal]At this time, it isn't clear if producers will give in to Shelton's demands, though hiring on Stefani would be a huge boost in the ratings department.

Until more information is revealed, fans can watch Shelton, Cyrus, Alicia Keys, and Adam Levine in action when the new season of The Voice airs this coming fall on NBC.

Tell us! Do you want Gwen Stefani back on The Voice? Do you think Blake Shelton would walk away over it? Let us know in the comments, and check out some of their best scenes together in the video below.

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