Lukas Graham Cancels Shows Due To ‘Exhaustion,’ And The Real Meaning Behind ‘7 Years’

Lukas Graham has canceled a series of their tour dates due to the “extreme exhaustion” of one of the band’s members, according to Billboard. Band frontman Lukas Forchhammer is unable to perform at the group’s three scheduled shows.

Promoter Frontier Touring released a statement in which it said Lukas Graham is canceling three of their upcoming gigs of their first-ever Australian tour. The three shows at Melbourne’s Max Watt, Sydney’s Metro Theatre, and Tokyo’s Ebisu Liquid Room, on 13 and 16 August and 10 September respectively have been canceled.

@LukasGraham we did a cool acoustic version of 7 years for @ClintholmesLv #betweenthelines show @PalazzoVegas

— Christian Tamburr (@tamburrvibe) August 17, 2016

The Danish soul-pop band’s Lukas Forchhammer is battling with “extreme exhaustion” and is unable to do the upcoming gigs. Lukas Graham gained a worldwide recognition for their hit single “7 Years,” which became a true sensation of 2015 and rocked Billboard charts for several weeks in a row.

In fact, Lukas Graham’s “7 Years” topped the Billboard Twitter Emerging Artists chart and set a record for having the longest streak at No. 1 by a Danish performer in the United Kingdom and Australia.

The band’s third album, which was titled Lukas Graham, dominated the charts in the U.K. and Australia. And now, the band’s next gig will take place on November 10 at The Vogue Theatre in Vancouver, Canada.

Lukas Graham may be the sensation of 2015, but many of its fans are still not familiar with the Danish band’s history, according to Official Charts. In particular, many people confuse the band with a solo singer due to its name.

But in reality, the band is comprised of three additional members, drummer Mark Falgren, bassist Magnus Larsson, and keyboardist Kasper Daugaard. And Lukas Graham is the name of the band’s frontman.

Three of the members of Lukas Graham are originally from Denmark, while the frontman was born in a place called Christiania, which has around 800 residents and is independent of the rest of the country in terms of its laws and justice system.

The frontman of Lukas Graham first established himself as a prosperous singer in 2011, when he shared a live video of his “Criminal Mind” song. Apparently, he recorded the song against his record label’s will.

Even though Lukas Graham gained worldwide recognition last year, they have been very popular in Denmark since 2012. In fact, the band has produced as many as five No. 1 singles over the past years.

Although some Lukas Graham’s songs were pretty popular across Europe, their “7 Years” song brought the band its proper worldwide breakthrough. In fact, the hit single has already been included in the Top 10 charts in as many as 11 countries. It has also reached No. 1 position in Denmark, Sweden, and Austria.

But what Lukas Graham is most proud of is that their hit single has been sitting on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 chart in the Top 40 for 29 consecutive weeks now. In one of his interviews, the frontrunner revealed the true meaning of “7 Years” to him.

In particular, the single is a song about what he hopes to achieve in his life. And that includes him getting past the age of 60, because his father died at the age of 61.

“I need to pass it to believe it. It’s a song about growing older. I’m also coming to a realization that being a father is the most important thing.”

Lukas Graham also added that he doesn’t want to grow into some “negative old dude.” Instead, he wants to be that kind of that dad whose kids’ friends would say he is “awesome.” The singer also added that he had a perfect father.

Lukas Graham revealed in one of his interviews that he has been inspired by Dr. Dre, Irish folk music from his father’s roots, The Rolling Stones, The Beatles, The Prodigy, and a few others.

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