‘Celebrity Big Brother’ News: Pauly D Sends Aubrey O’Day Heartfelt Video Message, Frankie Grande Does Strip Tease

In Thursday’s episode of the U.K.’s Celebrity Big Brother 18, American singer Aubrey O’Day was seen receiving a personal message from Pauly D, while Frankie Grande had a wardrobe malfunction as he danced and stripped in the backyard.

Celebrity Big Brother fans may be somewhat confused after the most recent episode, as just weeks ago it was reported by TMZ that Pauly D had dumped girlfriend Aubrey just days after she was sequestered in the majestic house. The August 1 report stated Pauly had wiped his social media clean of anything related to Aubrey, and a source told TMZ he had ended their relationship.

However, a loving and heartfelt message played for Aubrey indicated the couple is still going strong. The message was part of a Celebrity Big Brother task in which two houseguests, Aubrey and actor Ricky Norwood, were told to face a monitor and count animated sheep jumping over a chimney. The two were placed in a small room with hay on the floor and began counting. Of course, that would have been too easy, thus, Big Brother threw in videos from loved ones to distract Aubrey and Ricky from achieving their goal, reports Reveal.

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Ricky received a video message from his best friend, while Aubrey’s was from Pauly, who rose to fame as one of the cast members of MTV’s Jersey Shore. Not only did Pauly express how much he missed and loved Aubrey, but he even used the word “wife” when referring to her.

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In his message, Pauly said:

“Hi babe. I love and I miss you so much, I can’t even put into words. I’m so proud of you on your new journey in the U.K., and don’t worry, not a second goes by where I’m not thinking about you and how much I can’t wait until you get back. I’m holding us down completely while you’re away. I cleaned your house, detailed your car… counting down the days until your return. Really lonely without you. Can’t wait to see you, kiss you, hold you… See you soon. Respect us in that house… you know what I’m talking about. I’m over here missing you… I love you so much, I miss my person, my best friend, my wife. I love you.”

Aubrey was not the only person emotionally touched by Pauly’s words, as her fellow houseguests were as well. After seeing the video, they all clapped, and U.K. reality star Marnie Simpson said, “That’s really nice,” while Marnie’s showmance, Lewis Bloor, noted, “He really loves her, man.”

Mob Wives star Renee Graziano was also moved by what Pauly said to Aubrey, proclaiming, “Wow, that was the best message a man could ever give a woman.”

So, it appears from the video that Pauly has done anything but break up with Aubrey while she’s been away in the Celebrity Big Brother house, and is apparently waiting with open arms for her return.

Later in the day, as houseguests relaxed in the backyard, Frankie decided to channel his inner Magic Mike and use his dancing skills to entertain them.

As the others looked on, Frankie did an impressive bump and grind, leading up to him ripping off a pair of tear-away jeans revealing only a small black Speedo. As Lewis chanted, “Take them off, take them off…” Frankie continued to dance, getting ready for his big reveal.

As his dance came to a crescendo, Frankie reached into his Speedos, covered his crotch and pulled at the black underwear, but only one side ripped leaving him to struggle with the other side while trying to keep his private parts hidden.

After a few tugs, the other leg of the underwear finally gave way and Frankie held them up in the air in a victory stance of sorts. As the houseguests clapped and yelled in appreciation, Frankie noted in a frustrated tone, “That was much harder than I thought.”

It should be noted that all of the Americans in the Celebrity Big Brother house are safe from eviction this week; however, U.K. radio host James Whale, 1980s pop star Samantha Fox, Lewis Bloor, reality star Stephen Bear, and Ricky Norwood are all facing the public vote.

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