The Nationalist Threat Is Upon Us As Donald Trump Becomes ‘Mr. Brexit’

With the Brexit vote in June over the U.K. leaving the EU, nationalists in America looking to defy the status quo began to take note. The influential uprising of nationalism has made more headlines with Syrian refugees being rejected and attacked in Europe as well as in the United States with the nomination of Donald Trump.

As the Trump surrogate/senior adviser Boris Epshteyna says in the video, there is a parallel between the Brexit vote and Donald Trump. And in an opinion piece published with LA Times, it engages every problem we have on both sides of the Atlantic with the uprising of populist nationalists and nationalism being the greatest threats of all.

As we take some distance from the Donald Trump campaign and talk more about the threats of nationalism, we take one final pass at the latest news this week that the Trump campaign has hired the CEO of the white nationalist Breitbart News as a sign that he’s embracing the extreme far-right for the final stretch of his campaign.


In the link to the Inquisitr article above, Steven Bannon is mentioned as newly added to Donald Trump’s campaign, but has since moved up to being the CEO as news of Paul Manafort’s resignation circulates, which only confirms “Mr. Brexit’s” full embrace of nationalism.

The Brexit vote is still the center of unresolved conflict among conservative leaders in Britain.
Boris Johnson is one of the main instigators of the Brexit vote. Often said to be the Donald Trump of Britain, making controversial comments which appears to be the trademark of nationalist-populist leaders. [Image by Alastair Grant/AP Photo]

What type of people does this populism attract? Perhaps those who want an immediate solution to what they perceive to be the greatest problems in their world. And it takes at least a single person to drive that populism, based off of a combination of what they feel the problems are and what they feel will solve them in order to sum up their best “pitches” to the public.

The LA Times article puts it best.

“The democratic identities of Britain and the United States are under threat — not from immigrants or even changing values, but from nationalists and xenophobes exploiting citizens’ darkest worries with populist projects, including Donald Trump’s campaign for the U.S. presidency and Brexit.”


With regard to the Brexit issue, it’s been widely reported that the populism formed around the issues of immigration from billboards which focused on white working class nationalists instigated by the former UKIP leader Nigel Farage, who stepped down right after the Brexit vote.

Without a doubt, those billboards had only one message and that was to not allow people who are not “your kind” or your “tribe” into England. So why not leave Europe in order to prevent refugees access?

But the article mainly talks of nationalism mixed in with isolationism, as a movement against globalization that appears to be growing. Judging from the tone of many of these reports over Brexit, the attitude of “going it alone” appears to be the wrong direction to take.

Perhaps this was true only because of the fear that began to unravel when Brits voted for Brexit. Inquisitr wrote about the reaction in the U.K.’s market and on Wall Street, where everyone was “losing it” for more than a couple of days.

British Prime Minister Theresa May takes easy Brexit route.
New British Prime Minister for the Brexit vote is currently on vacation in Switzerland. She's likely to look at the Brexit Article 50 after the new year. [Image by Marco Bertorello/AP Photo]

As of this writing, the new prime minister after David Cameron, Theresa May, is on vacation, and there’s also news that the Brexit decision will be delayed, to the anger of the European Union, for at least after the new year. Even more, there’s discussion that it might not even happen, which is something that sets those who do not want nationalists or the Brexit vote to win at ease.

But it isn’t as if these extreme nationalists are going to change overnight or are going to stop. As the Inquisitr article says, Nigel Farage is threatening to come back to politics to make sure Brexit happens. There is no doubt that nationalists are going to hit the system from all sides however they can to get their way. And they’ve shown that they’re willing to take all of us, the majority, with it.

[Photo by Alastair Grant/AP Images]