Badly Abused Arkansas 4-Year-Old Found Zip-Tied And Beaten, Tells Police Her Name Is ‘Idiot’ [Video]

Arkansas police have arrested a Hot Springs couple after finding a badly abused 4-year-old girl in their home. Reportedly, the little girl was beaten, emotionally abused, and even zip-tied to her bed as a form of punishment. The punishment was allegedly meted out by the abused Arkansas 4-year-old’s mother, 30-year-old Jennifer Denen, and her mother’s boyfriend, 47-year-old Clarence Reed.

The abuse endured by the Arkansas girl was so pervasive that when asked her name by law enforcement, she responded with “Idiot.”

Another minor found in the Arkansas home of the badly abused 4-year-old confirmed that the mistreated preschooler was referred to as “Idiot.”

The girl’s mother and her boyfriend were arrested Friday and charged with multiple crimes related to their alleged abuse of the child. Included among the pair’s charges are first-degree domestic battery, permitting the abuse of a minor, and endangering the welfare of a minor, reports MSN News. Reports indicate that officials showed up at the family’s home after receiving a tip that there was a badly abused 4-year-old inside. A police report states that law enforcement was only on-scene a short time before they became aware of the validity of the abuse claims.

The police report that followed the call about the badly abused Arkansas 4-year-old indicates that first responders got an unbelievable and horrific shock when they saw the little girl. She was allegedly covered in bruises, had a black eye, and multiple scars. The 4-year-old allegedly even had blood on the corner of her mouth when authorities finally came to her rescue.

Perhaps even most shockingly, the Arkansas 4-year-old also had distinctive marks on her wrists, marks that reportedly came from being repeatedly punished by being zip-tied to her bed.

Officials confirm that Clarence Reed willingly admitted to abusing the Arkansas 4-year-old during the course of their investigation. He allegedly told police that he both hit and tied the 4-year-old up to various furniture with zip-ties.

He even admitted to calling her “Idiot”; however he assured investigators that the psychologically abusive nickname was “only a joke.”

As The New York Daily News reports, the badly abused Arkansas 4-year-old has been placed in protective custody following the arrest of her mother and her mother’s boyfriend.

“Deep purple bruising on her bottom, lower back and legs; a black eye; swollen right cheek; a bruise on her forehead; healing scars across her back; and dried blood in the corner of her mouth.”

According to a report by The Sun, the mother of the badly abused Arkansas 4-year-old has a total of six children. Following her arrest and the arrest of her live-in boyfriend, four of the kids were handed over to their biological father, the youngest (the biological child of Clarence Reed) has been taken into the custody of the State of Arkansas, as has the 4-year-old who only knows herself as “Idiot.”

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Jennifer Denen reportedly admitted to knowing about the abuse of her 4-year-old at the hands of her boyfriend, and even said that she’d witnessed it with her own eyes. She told police that she had actually seen Reed beating the child with a plastic bat. Despite being a witness to the abuse, and despite the horrific condition of the badly abused Arkansas 4-year-old, her mother told police she had never sought medical treatment for her daughter.

Upon being taken into the custody of the state, it was additionally discovered that the 4-year-old “appeared to be malnourished.”

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Despite the horrific abuse the little girl has allegedly endured in her short life, tonight she is safe and sound and her accused abusers are incarcerated.

Reed and Denen are reportedly being held on bond set at $500,000 apiece. The mother of the badly abused Arkansas 4-year-old, along with her boyfriend, are expected in court on August 23.

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