Beyonce Pregnant Again? The Internet Seems To Think So

Is Beyonce pregnant again?

The internet would have you believe it.

A number of sites are buzzing with rumors that the 31-year-old singer is pregnant with her second child. One of those outlets, HollywoodLife, noted that Beyonce appeared at La Marina restaurant on Sunday the Washington Heights neighborhood of New York, she appeared to be showing.

The site claimed that Beyonce wore a tight-fitting dress and appeared to have a baby bump, and to back up the rumor had an insider claim that she and Jay-Z are indeed expecting another child. It also published pictures of the supposedly pregnant Beyonce, though it’s very difficult to determine if she is indeed showing.

The news outlet tried to get a comment from Beyonce’s rep, but were told, ”I do not comment on her personal life.”

The rumors spread so far that it even warranted mention from respected publications like the Washington Post, where it was treated with skepticism by celebrity correspondent Jen Chaney. She wrote:

Beyonce’s rep has said she does not comment on the megastar’s personal life and therefore has neither confirmed nor denied. Nevertheless, this has caused multiple stories about the alleged pregnancy to make their way through the Intertubes during the past 24 hours and onto sites like the Huffington Post, Entertainment Weekly and Jezebel, which is skeptical about this rumor.

Chaney says that she too is skeptical about the Beyonce pregnancy rumor, mainly because the supposed bump doesn’t look like much at all. She also noted that Beyonce was drinking alcohol at the party where the picture came from.

It wouldn’t be too much of a surprise to learn that Beyonce is pregnant. In May she told Entertainment Tonight that she definitely wants more children.

“I don’t know how many,” Beyonce added. “God knows, I don’t know yet.”

If it’s true that Beyonce is pregnant, the rumor game is a familiar one. She and Jay-Z were beset with rumors when she was pregnant with daughter Blue Ivy, leading up to her official announcement at the MTV Video Music Awards that year.