Ivanka Trump Buys Lady Grey Jewelry, Gets Note From Company Denouncing Trump Campaign [Video]

Lady Grey jewelry is designed by Jill Martinelli and Sabine Le Guyader, and when Ivanka Trump recently placed an order for an earcuff, the pair let her know what they think of her dad's campaign. Ivanka has been a stalwart supporter and one-woman cheering section for her dad Donald Trump throughout the 2016 presidential election season, and she's been mired in the controversy caused by his unconventional campaign and offensive way of speaking (something Trump likes to call "telling it like it is") for over a year now.

While Donald is certainly popular with Ivanka Trump, Lady Grey jewelry apparently isn't much of a fan of the former reality TV star. As Yahoo News reports, Ivanka Trump recently placed an online order for a piece of Lady Grey jewelry. The order was quickly filled, and in addition to sending Ivanka the earcuff she's ordered, the designers behind Lady Grey sent Trump's daughter a personalized message that some are calling scathing.

Lady Grey posted a picture of the handwritten note that they included in Ivanka Trump's jewelry order on their Instagram page, and the vibe was far less than positive.

Indeed, the Lady Grey jewelry designers used Ivanka Trump's order as a marketable presidential campaigning moment. After thanking Ivanka for her jewelry order, the Lady Grey designers informed them that they are big Hillary Clinton supporters and would be using the proceeds of their sale to her to directly thwart Donald Trump's campaign efforts.

The note notified Ivanka Trump that the money the company received from her purchase was going to be donated to several anti-Trump charities and organizations, including the American Immigration Council and (perhaps most insultingly) the Clinton campaign.

Lady Grey also added the hashtags #thanksbutnothanks and #payitFORWARD to their personalized message to Ivanka Trump.

In the personalized, handwritten note to Ivanka Trump, the ladies at Lady Grey made it clear that they were "flattered" by Ivanka's order, but that they didn't support the views and aims of the Trump campaign. As such, they notified the daughter and advocate of Donald Trump that they would be donating her purchase price to anti-Trump causes and charities.
"We strongly feel that everyone and anyone can make a difference through actively supporting the causes that they believe in, no matter how big or small. We decided to share this letter to make that statement, and hopefully inspire people to follow suit."
While the designers at Lady Grey have wrangled a lot of positive publicity for their very public Ivanka Trump dis, not everyone thought that the ladies behind Lady Grey acted properly or professionally by calling out a paying customer on Instagram. Even if that customer doesn't share their political views.

Incidentally, this isn't the first time in the last week that Ivanka Trump has had problems with Instagram. She and her father were accused of having deep Russian ties after Ivanka shared a pic of herself and Wendi Murdoch. (Wendi is rumored to be the girlfriend of Russian President Vladimir Putin).

As Fox News reports, Lady Grey jewelry is popular among the Hollywood elite. The brand is fairly new, and in addition to filling orders for Ivanka Trump, Lady Grey jewelry pieces (which range in cost from $60-$395) have been spotted on Beyonce and Rihanna, among others.

The Daily Mail also reports that, in some circles at least, Lady Grey's Ivanka Trump note has caused some consumers to rebrand Lady Grey jewelry as "trashy," "tasteless," and worse. As of Thursday morning, over 2,300 comments had been made on the Lady Grey Ivanka Trump Instagram post.

A good portion of them were disapproving of the way that the brand publicly humiliated a paying customer for political leverage. After all, if companies start calling out consumers for their legitimate purchases on social media, what happens to consumer privacy?

Do American consumers even have a presumption of privacy when they make a purchase? Apparently not, because Lady Grey didn't break any laws by Trump-shaming Ivanka.

What do you think? Was it appropriate for Lady Grey to publicly slam Ivanka Trump on Instagram?

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