Christie Brinkley And Daughter Sailor Brinkley Cook Stand Up To Bullies

Christie Brinkley and daughter Sailor Brinkley Cook are the latest celebrities to take heat from online trolls, and just as many before them, the mother and daughter celebrities are standing up for themselves. More and more frequently, cyberbullies are finding that their would-be victims are standing up for themselves and letting the online community know that this type of behavior is no longer tolerated. For Sailor and Christie, the drama started when the younger Brinkley shared a picture of herself and the internet began rating her like a piece of meat, judging the 18-year-old girl and harshly comparing her to her mother.

Sailor Brinkley Cook Fires Back At Internet Haters

At the moment, Sailor has quite a bit going for her as a model with IMG Model agency and as a student at Parsons School of Design, but, as Yahoo shares, that wasn't enough to keep Ms. Brinkley Cook from justly taking offense to the way the online community reacted to her pictures. Calling Sailor a "trust fund baby" and suggesting that the 18-year-old was less attractive than mother Christie were just a few of the least offensive remarks posted to the comment section of a photo recently shared by Sailor. Another user rated Sailor a 7 out of 10, while still another said she was less attractive than her mother and her sister.

It seemed that the insults snowballed from there, taking just a few crude remarks to get the ball rolling, before dozens began criticizing Ms. Brinkley Cook. Sailor proved she wasn't the type to take the public lambasting without firing back, captioning the worst of the body shamers and captioning the image with her own response.

"Yes i am so fortunate that my mother is my mother.. And she will always be an inspiration to me... But being constantly compared to her 50+ years of success at only 18 years old? And being told I could never amount to what she was and what she looks like? Doesn't feel great," Sailor wrote in part of her Instagram caption.

As she continued, Sailor revealed something about herself that her trolls might not have considered and that is that a stranger's words do have the power to hurt. Ms. Brinkley Cook opens herself up and shows a vulnerable, sensitive young girl who is just trying to pursue her dreams, only to have negative comments bring her down.

"I just will never understand these people who WANT to make me feel badly, who WANT to tell an 18 year old girl she cant follow her dreams because if she does she WONT BE AS GOOD AS HER MOM WAS. I'm just a person figuring out what i want to do and what makes me happy. Leave me alone. My one wish is that these people can get off their computers, go chase a sunset, kiss someone they love, pursue one of their dreams and STOP making an 18 year old girl feel constantly inferior and hurt."

Christie Brinkley Has Something To Say About Her Brave Daughter

USA Today shares Christie Brinkley's thoughts upon learning about the way the public responded to her daughter's recent picture, and it was just what people might expect from a mother hoping to set a good example for her children. The elder Brinkley first addressed the public, compelling readers of her response to recognize that a smartphone, tablet, or laptop is a powerful tool and should be used responsibly. Christie didn't beat around the bush with her statement, pointing out that words shared across the internet can either lift the recipient up or forever traumatize them.

"Let's all choose to use this machine to make the world a kinder more beautiful place," wrote Christie. "Let's choose to create beauty, through mutual respect, compassion and love."

Ms. Brinkley then turned her attention toward her daughter, Sailor.

"Bravo @sailorbrinkleycook, sometimes when we stand up for ourselves, we are standing up for each other. I think we're one post closer to a kinder world."

This incident, followed by the way both Sailor and Christie responded to it, comes only a few years after the mother and daughter shared a public moment of learning. In 2013, the Brinkley matriarch told Sailor that she should pity internet trolls, because it's their disappointment with their own lives that leads them to spread negativity into the lives of others. Still, Ms. Brinkley cautioned her daughter against tolerating such behavior and also urged her not to take any of it personally.

"It's a universal issue. It's not just aimed at you. Everyone from everywhere is affected by this."

[Photo by Vivien Killilea/Getty Images for Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week]