Kim Kardashian Beach Body, Tiny Bikini, And 'Voluptuous' Butt, Kim Before And After Baby Body Nearly The Same Now

Kim Kardashian is looking amazing these days. Depending on who you ask, she's lost between 60 and 70 pounds, and worked her butt off, literally, over the months since Saint was born. A few days ago, Yahoo News reported that Kardashian said she'd got rid of 70 pounds since giving birth, but more recent reports put the number at closer to 60 pounds. Whatever the actual amount of excess weight that Kim's shed, at 125 pounds, the reality star insists she still hasn't reached her goal. That doesn't stop her from "flaunting" what she's got, including her "washboard stomach and impressive derriere."

The Express reports that although Kim isn't very often seen "out and about" with Saint, on Thursday, August 18, Kardashian-West took both her two kids with her for an outdoor family day at Casa Aramara in Punta Mita, Mexico. North and Saint accompanied mom Kim for a day at the beach and mom and kids were "spotted soaking up the sun" and "walking along the beach" together.
There was a lot of skin on show for the sun to soak into while the Kardashian-West kids played. Kim chose a "tiny patterned bikini" that left most of the famous butt bare and only a few patches of cloth and string covering her other "world-famous" assets. With her "slim frame and curvy bum" on view for anyone to see, Kardashian was making sure her fans know that she's totally comfortable with her body.
The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star has been sharing lots of pics that show off her weight-loss progress. She even posted one that was supposed to prove that she's lost fat around her neck!
Kim's husband Kanye West started getting upset with his wife because she is "so obsessed with her weight," and according to Hollywood Life, the couple had a huge blowout fight over the issue. A source close to Kim, 35, and Kanye, 39, spoke to InTouch magazine about Kim's weight obsession, and said that Kanye feels like his wife is so caught up in her weight loss plans that she doesn't have any time for him anymore.
"He thinks it's crazy that she's always taking off all her clothes and jewelry to weigh herself at least four times a day."
Weighing herself four times in just a few hours is a bit bizarre, but Kardashian has a lot of fans who love being kept up to the minute on her health regimen. As for not having time for Kanye, maybe that's more to do with the time Kim and the kids are spending together, like their fun outing to the beach where Kim got to show off her curvaceous body and hot figure that she's worked so hard to achieve. After her son came along, Kim knew that if she wanted to feel awesome about herself, she had no choice but to regain the curvy, svelte figure she'd had before babies.
"After I had Saint, I decided to set goals for myself. I was motivated, but it was tough! It isn't easy to just bounce back."
Kardashian followers are really proud of their idol's dedication to beating back the fat. One fan tweeted that she looks incredible.
The middle Kardashian sister said that she was "jealous" of new mothers who hardly gain any weight, and quickly manage to "look exactly like they did before they were pregnant." The reality star knows that isn't how her body reacts, and if she wanted her curves back, she would have to work for them. But Kylie Jenner's big sis also wanted to flaunt those luscious curves every chance she gets, and says that she posts nude selfies "because I feel good about myself."

Kardashian's self-esteem plan seems to include "proudly flaunting her ample cleavage and eye-popping rear" on the beach, and why not? Her fans love it too!

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