'Fallout 4' Donald Trump Mod Banned, Slogan 'Make the Commonwealth Great Again'

A Fallout 4 game mod enthusiast got very creative with the presidential candidate; however, the Donald Trump Companion mod was banned from Nexus Games. Game Trader USA reported "how perfectly Donald Trump fits the Fallout universe." He can be found in Diamond City giving a speech that sounds like pieced together audio from his real life campaign run while he wore his recognizable white hat, but the logo has a different slant for the fictional Commonwealth.

Make The Commonwealth Great Again

When the game player approaches Donald, a significant piece of speech mentions China which gives a nod to the game's post-war China. It looks like the mod creator took some time editing the audio together. Not only that, but the Vault 111 dweller can also acquire a mission from him and it sounds like in the fictional world of the Fallout 4 wasteland, it could be advantageous to Trump.

(Warning: Extreme Video Game Violence)

"I need somebody that literally will knock the he** out of crooked Hillary Clinton."
Thus begins the Fallout 4 journey over to the town of Good Neighbor where the lone wanderer can take care of business. The Hillary character is seen making a speech of her own and after you do the deed, take notice of her loot such as "Money from Donors," "Money from Banks," and "Hillary's Mail Account."
Donald Trump Can Be Your Buddy

In this game mod Trump can also be your companion in the wasteland. When approaching him in dialogue, he exclaims his enthusiasm in doing his best for the Commonwealth. Donald follows you and shouts sound bites as he shoots foes.

"We're going to be so strong. We're gonna be so tough. We're gonna be so vicious. And we're gonna knock-them-for-a-loop."
The Case Of The Banned Fallout 4 Donald Trump Companion Mod And Where To Get It

Since Nexus Mods banned the mod, their forums were cited saying no permission was given. The creator, who went by the screen name Nyut0n, was given a formal warning.

"Uploading copyrighted audio without the permission of the owner. Absolutely no copyrighted work is to be used without permission of the original creator. This includes content from other games, from DLCs, music creators or from other file authors. This also includes members from countries that do not recognize copyright laws."
This created a buzz in the Reddit community. User SparxxUI gave his disapproval with Nexus Mods for the Fallout 4 mod banning decision.
"It is amazing how fast f**king left wing liberal a**holes with any kind of power.... abuse it. F**k you Micalov (Nexus Moderator)."
More Fallout 4 game mod information from Nyut0n detailed an exception to the rule that even though U.S. and U.K. law allow asset usage, the TOS at Nexus Mods doesn't. Even he encouraged others to not get so torqued off so suddenly as he's in talks with a moderator regarding an update to their TOS policy that may allow future usage of such game mods. In defense of those enforcing the game mod, Nyut0n says he's doing his job by keeping things on par for copyright reasons.

The Fallout 4 game mod is available at Dropbox at the link provided at Game Traders USA.

Other Donald Trump Wasteland Spoofs

In the past, people have decided to do their best with Donald Trump character builds with not only appearance, but also a statistical build. Over at King Kaliber - Open World Gaming, the user tries to build an accurate representation of Donald and it looks likes the charisma is maximized for the purpose of the Fallout 4 wasteland with a four rating for strength.

A satirical site called Satire Life put together something funny to spoof Trump, making him sound like he was suing Bethesda Games for stealing his idea for creating an apocalyptic wasteland in the United States.

More Fallout 4 game satire and spoofs of the presidential candidate litter the web with content to amuse game fans and delve into their creativity.

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