‘Summer Love’: Hallmark Channel — Romantic Summer Movie Still Heats Things Up Before Fall Line-Up, Starring Rachael Leigh Cook

Summer Love, the new two-hour Hallmark movie, is making its premiere this Saturday for Hallmark’s Summer Nights movies. For the past few weekends, Hallmark has been bringing you the best in romantic summer movies before they begin their Fall-holiday programming. Directed by Lynne Stopkewich and written by Judith Berg, Sandra Berg, and Dawn DeKeyser, Summer Love is about a single mother in college who is working as an intern for the summer at a high-tech company, where she finds two executives vying for her affection. Filmed in Canada, Summer Love stars Lucas Bryant, Rachael Leigh Cook, and James Kirk, the Atlanta Journal Constitution reports.

Summer Love Hallmark Movie Synopsis

Maya Sulliway is now a single mother raising a daughter after the death of her beloved husband. To make ends meet and to increase her income, Maya is back in college, where she plans on earning a degree in accounting. To earn the credits that she needs to graduate, she must accept an internship at Kizzmit, a prestigious tech company that is known for their superior work in making social media apps.

It’s a great opportunity, especially since her daughter is away at camp for the summer. Once she arrives at Kizzmit, she meets Colin Fitzgerald, the no-nonsense Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of the company. He seems nice enough, but Maya knows going in that Colin seems like a very demanding boss. Just after meeting Colin, she is introduced to Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Will Martin, a handsome and laid back gentleman who seems to be taken with Maya right away.

The transition from accounting to a high-powered tech company is not necessarily an easy one since Maya is not technology savvy and literally knows nothing about social media apps. Still, Will has no problem showing Maya the ropes and even suggests that she enter Pitchfest — an upcoming contest that will choose a winner with the best app design.

This single summertime mom definitely has her hands full as she tries to divide her time between her best friend and her new job with Will and Colin. Determined to do well, Maya insists on not giving in to any distractions.

But as the two executives develop deep feelings for Maya and begin competing against each other for her love, Maya has to make a decision between the two. Now, it’s crunch time as she battles becoming an app expert during the digital age and finding love — the old-fashioned way.

Cast Info For Summer Love, according to the Hallmark Channel

Actress Rachael Leigh Cook

“Continuing to lend her talent to notable films, Rachael starred with Hilary Swank and Colin Hanks in New Line’s dark comedy “11:14,” and alongside Sylvester Stallone in “Get Carter.” She also starred in “The Big Empty” opposite John Favreau, and the romantic comedy “Blow Dry” with Josh Hartnett. In “Living Out Loud” with Danny De Vito, Cook played the younger version of Holly Hunter’s character and in the “House of Yes” she portrayed a younger version of Parker Posey’s character Jackie-O.”

Actor Lucas Bryant

“Bryant has numerous television credits to his name, including “Queer as Folk” for Showtime; “M.V.P” for SOAPnet and CBC; “Sex, Love and Secrets” for UPN; and CTV’s “The Eleventh Hour.” Bryant also starred in Lifetime’s “More Sex & The Single Mom” and “A Very Merry Daughter of the Bride,” and played the lead role of ‘Ken Read’ in the MOW “Crazy Canucks,” inspired by the true story of the World Cup Downhill Circuit during the 1974-1976 seasons.”

Choosing to watch Summer Love this weekend is simply the best choice. Tune in this Saturday, August 20, at 9/8 p.m., Central on the Hallmark Channel.

[Image via Hallmark Channel]