'Power' Season 3 Spoilers: Tasha Tells Ghost That Holly Was Pregnant And Tommy Didn't Know -- All Three Team Up Again To Take Out A New Threat

In a recently released Starz sneak peek, Power spoilers revealed that fans won't have to wait long for news of Holly's pregnancy to make their rounds. In the upcoming Season 3, Episode 6 titled "The Right Direction," Tasha will tell Ghost that Holly was expecting. This is news to Ghost, who recently helped dispose of her body after Tommy killed her during a cocaine-fueled rage. It's unclear how Tommy will find out about the pregnancy and just how hard he will take the news once he does know.

There are many Power spoilers ahead so be warned and maybe even stop reading if you are not currently caught up on Season 3, Episode 5 and don't want to know what is coming next. The synopsis for Season 3, Episode 6 titled "The Right Direction" reads as follows.

"Tommy and Ghost get back together to take on a ruthless foe and enlist Tasha in hopes of evading detection by Angela and her team. Later, Tommy soldiers on, but Ghost comes undone at a vital juncture."
Fans of Power have been hoping that Holly would die for several weeks now. There were several theories about how she would go but no one expected that Tommy would black out and kill her during a drug rage after learning that Holly put a hit out on Ghost.

Holly's most recent transgression of going behind Tommy's back to take out Ghost may have been her worst move yet, but it's not the first time she did something stupid and put several people in danger. It was earlier in her relationship with Tommy that Holly tried to steal money from him. She stole from Tasha too, taking a pair of her earrings and thinking no one would notice.

Even Tommy's mom, who is certainly no saint, didn't like Holly, and it had nothing to do with just not liking her son's girlfriend. If Tasha knew that Holly was essentially using her to learn the business before planning to write her off, she probably would have also walked away. The point is, Holly was bad news and everyone seemed to know it but Tommy. She didn't even tell him that she was pregnant with their child and ended up literally taking that secret to the grave.

The only person who knew of Holly's pregnancy was Tasha, who will be spilling the beans, according to recent Power spoilers. TV Line released a sneak peek of a conversation with Ghost where Tasha is seen asking about Holly. She just assumes that Tommy and Holly broke up because he didn't take the baby news too well. Ghost nearly chokes when Tasha starts talking about Holly's baby news because Tasha has no idea that it was Ghost who helped Tommy hide her body. As a matter of fact, Tasha doesn't know anything about why Tommy and Ghost ended up repairing their friendship or what either of the men are currently going through.

With Ghost and Tommy working together again, the pair learns of a new threat that may take down their empire and threaten their freedom as well. They make a plan to work together and even try to bring Tasha on board to take out their new enemy. It's almost like nothing has changed from the good old days except that Ghost and Angela are still an item. That makes things even more awkward, since Ghost, Tasha and Tommy have to work together on their newest plan without Angela finding out about any of it.

While Power spoilers don't specify exactly who their newest "ruthless foe" may be, the enlistment of Tasha means that it's probably Kanan (50 Cent) that has resurfaced and now they have to figure out how to deal with him. Keep in mind that at this point, everyone still thinks Kanan is dead and the only person close to Ghost who knows that he's not is Dre, who got a visit from his old boss during the last episode.

Even though Dre claimed that he was just trying to get close to Ghost as they had previously planned, he's definitely terrified of Kanan and what he might do to Dre's family. Will he stay loyal to Ghost and tell him that Kanan isn't really dead or will he side with his old boss and turn on Ghost like he was supposed to do in the first place? It's more likely that he'll let Ghost know what's going on so that he won't end up blindsided when Kanan shows back up, ready to get revenge.

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