Taylor Swift Break Up? Pop Star Allegedly Cheating On Tom Hiddleston [Report]

A Taylor Swift breakup with Tom Hiddleston might be happening sooner than we thought. The whirlwind romance, which took off in early June, looks like it’s coming to an abrupt ending.

In a recent report from Celeb Dirty Laundry, the publication explained that Hiddleston is apparently furious with the pop star for flirting with millionaire Mike Hess. While the Hollywood couple hasn’t broken up yet, their romance appears to be deteriorating.

For quite some time, Hiddleswift could not only be seen all over celebrity news outlets but eagerly posing for photos with the paparazzi. That doesn’t seem to be the case now. In fact, the two appear to be spending time away from each other.

A Taylor Swift breakup became more of a possibility when it was discovered that the couple had been nowhere near each other lately. Hiddleston was recently seen flying stag from Sydney, Australia, while Swift has been spending a significant portion of her summer in New York City and the Hamptons, reported Celeb Dirty Laundry.

Tom Hiddleston allegedly heard from mutual friends of his and Swift that his girlfriend was flirting with Mike Hess. Hess and Swift had apparently hit it off when they had seen each other. Upon hearing about this, Hiddleston was “far from amused” with his girlfriend’s behavior, reported Ok!.

A Taylor Swift breakup hasn’t occurred yet, but Hiddleswift doesn’t seem to have a bright future. Tom Hiddleston became angered with the “Bad Blood” singer when he found out that she was flirting with Hess at his birthday party.

“He was initially furious and blew up at Taylor.”

While Taylor Swift tried to assure her actor boyfriend that “it was just fun for Mike’s birthday,” Hiddleston wasn’t having it. An anonymous source close to the pop star said a fight between the two escalated relatively quick.

“She was crying, saying she was just trying to make the birthday boy feel special but Tom made it clear he wasn’t happy with the speculation the video caused and that it made her look like she was single, not someone in a relationship.”

A Taylor Swift breakup seems to be on the horizon. While this appears to be the case, the pop star is allegedly not good at ending her romances, explained Celeb Dirty Laundry. The singer has a history of “manipulating those around her,” especially her significant others. Swift apparently does this as a defense mechanism when she knows when one of her relationships is taking its course.

A Taylor Swift breakup wouldn’t be initiated by the singer. Her man, Tom Hiddleston would have to end the romance. Once the actor would end the relationship, this would give the pop star the opportunity to play the victim card, by putting the blame on her ex-boyfriend.

Taylor Swift isn’t the only person frustrated in her relationship. Besides having a possible cheating girlfriend, Hiddleston is struggling with the amount of publicity he’s receiving, reported Game N’ Guide. Unlike Swift, Hiddleston hasn’t been in the public eye as much, or as long as the ‘Bad Blood’ singer. Due to this sudden increase in his amount of fame, Tom Hiddleston is apparently developing anxiety while trying to maintain his place in the spotlight.

Though a Taylor Swift breakup hasn’t been confirmed yet, all of these rumors surrounding the Hiddleswift relationship have people raising eyebrows. Fans of the stars and the media alike are worried that this relationship is on a collision course. It was only two months ago the two were seen canoodling at Swift’s Rhode Island beach house. Hopefully, that will be the case soon enough.

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[Photo by Mike Coppola/Getty Images for People.com]