Bikini-Clad Florida Mom Caught On Viral Video In Racist, Foul-Mouthed Driveway Rant — Shocking Footage Seen Worldwide

An mom in Tallahassee, Florida, has yet to be identified — but she finds herself world famous anyway this week for all the wrong reasons after a profanity-laced, racist rant she unleashed from her driveway was caught on video. That video has now gone viral around the world, receiving media coverage as far away as Australia.

The video, which can be viewed below, was posted to YouTube on March 17, 2016, but was only widely discovered this week, when it went viral with more than 81,000 views.

Before viewing the video, readers should be warned — the contents of the viral clip could be considered offensive, including both obscene and racist language. Readers who do not wish to hear content of that nature should not click on the video, below on this page.

The video was posted on an account listed in the name A.J. Fuller, with the notation, “Racism still exists!! This is in Tallahassee, Florida 2016.”

While numerous videos of racist rants have gone viral in recent months, including those listed in the “More Videos” box near the bottom of this page, the fact that the woman in this video lets loose with her hateful tirade clad in only an ill-fitting, polka-dot bikini while standing in what is apparently her own driveway appears to give the video the novelty that sparked it to go viral.

Perhaps the most shocking aspect of the video is that the bikini-clad woman appears to be the mom of a teenage daughter, who is present throughout the entire rant and desperately attempts to pull her mother away from the targets of the rant before the situation escalates.

“It’s ridiculous that your own child has to tell you to stop,” one teen present at the scene tells the woman.

View the video below — but again, be warned about the offensive language it contains.

The unidentified person recording the vile viral video on a cell phone continually urges her, “Don’t say nothing else,” as the woman, with cigarette in hand, appears unable to control her rage.

“You all should have stayed in Africa!” the Florida mom screams, ignoring the historical reality that the ancestors of most African-Americans were not immigrants, but kidnap victims forcibly transported to the North American continent in chains, where they would be sold into slavery — and given no option to “stay in Africa.”

“You can go back there, it’s free,” the woman on her racist rant continues. “You know you can go back to Africa, if you want to. And you can take your Washington and Jefferson last names.”

Later in the viral rant, the unidentified, bikini-clad woman directs her anger at civil rights icon Martin Luther King.

“Martin Luther was a slut who was f******g white people. Martin Luther was f******g white people the day he died!”

While the woman expresses no political views other than straight racial bigotry in the video, one commentator, John Prager of the site Addicting Info, describes her as “in full Trump mode.”

Indeed, research by the organization America’s Voice has shown a startling rise in racially motivated incidents since the start of the presidential candidacy of Donald Trump began last year.

Click here to see an interactive map, charting several dozen incidents of African-Americans and members of other ethnic minority groups who were harassed or attacked by Trump supporters — either physically or verbally — or in some cases by Donald Trump himself.

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“As Trump’s hateful rhetoric has increased, so have violent, often racist or xenophobic attacks against people at his campaign events,” reported the liberal news site Think Progress. “Some Trump supporters have even taken to using the real estate mogul’s name as a racist taunt.”

The bikini-clad Florida mom in the video that went viral this week did not invoke the name of Donald Trump in her racist rant, however.

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