Mom's Boyfriend Bashed Baby To Death On Pavement

Chelsea Hoffman

The boyfriend of an Indiana woman has been sentenced in association with the horrifyingly violent death of her five-week-old daughter. The Star Press reports that 22-year-old Dalton R. Davis has been sentenced to approximately 65 years of incarceration. The details surrounding the death of baby Lillian Grace Lloyd are shocking, especially given the fact that the man convicted of killing her has shown absolutely no remorse.

The murder of the five-week-old infant took place last year. Dalton Davis reportedly took Lillian Grace Lloyd outside of the home where they resided before he barbarically bashed her to death. The boyfriend of the child's mother grabbed the five-week-old victim by her legs and began to pound her little body into the pavement outside the home. Authorities say that the Indiana man bashed the baby into the pavement approximately two or three times, causing direct impact to her head and back. Over the course of being interrogated after the death of the infant, the Indiana man changed his story numerous times.

First, he claimed that he didn't know what happened to her, and later changed his story to "accidentally dropping" the newborn while he went outside to smoke a cigarette. Eventually, he admitted to bashing the five-week-old's head into the pavement until she was dead.

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