October 17, 2017
Daniel Maguire Speaks Out, Says Luke Would Be Boring On 'The Bachelor'

Mike Fleiss has been going to Twitter and teasing who will be the new guy cast on The Bachelor every day. There are a lot of rumors flying, and Luke Pell is one of the names being thrown around. Now, Daniel Maguire of Bachelor in Paradise is speaking out and wants everyone to know that he would love to be on The Bachelor, and if he can't have the job, he thinks that Chad Johnson would be perfect.

E! Online shared what Daniel Maguire had to say about it all. During a conference call with reports, Daniel spoke out.

When talking about if he would be on The Bachelor, Daniel didn't hold anything back. Here is what he had to say.

"100 percent I'd become the Bachelor if I was asked, that is if I'm still single after this season, because I think I'm the most realistic regular guy out there. I think I'd make a great Bachelor...people want real, people want entertaining, people want me."

Daniel Maguire is a very honest guy and speaks his mind about everything. He doesn't hold much back, and he feels like this is one reason the viewers really like him.

"Most guys, they talk like how I would. Obviously, I'm a little more extreme, I joke around a little bit more, but that's why so many regular guys watch the show and love me. They're like, 'Oh, my girlfriend got me to watch and I love you because you tell the truth, you tell it how it is, you speak what's on your mind.'"

At this time, nobody knows if Daniel Maguire will find love on Bachelor in Paradise. He spent a bit of time with Ashley I., but it doesn't look like true love just yet. Daniel said that he does have a serious side and of course, he thinks that he is a great catch. Now, when it comes to Luke Pell possibly being on The Bachelor, Daniel said it will be so boring you could just put the television on mute. That doesn't mean he doesn't think Luke is a great guy, though.

One person Daniel thinks would be great at the job is Chad Johnson, but that is basically because it wouldn't be boring at all.

He said, "I'd rather have Chad be the Bachelor, because at least it's going to be entertaining and real. He's not going to fall in love with every single right off the bat, he's not going to be like, 'Oh, she's perfect, she's perfect, and she's perfect.' At least he can have fun with it and what not."

After Chad recently got in a huge fight with Chris Harrison, it would be shocking if ABC even considered him for the job.

Zap2It shared that Luke Pell looks like he will be the one cast on The Bachelor. Other names have been thrown around, such as Chase McNary and even Nick Viall, but Luke seems to be the front-runner. He finished third on JoJo Fletcher's season, and this is the person they cast most of the time. Luke is a singer who is in great shape, and a lot of the clues that Mike Fleiss is giving out seem to be pointing right at him. He says that he will reveal who the guy will be soon, and if he gets more followers, the reveal will happen even sooner.

Do you think that Daniel Maguire or Chad Johnson should be considered for The Bachelor? Who do you think should get the job? Sound off in the comments section below, and don't miss watching Daniel on Monday and Tuesday nights on Bachelor in Paradise.

[Image via Daniel Maguire/Instagram]