Justin Timberlake Brings Myspace’s Sexy Back, Helps Relaunch Social Network

New Myspace profile

Justin Timberlake and Myspace have teamed up to relaunch the social network with a sleek new look and brand new platform for artists.

According to Myspace owner Tim Vanderhook in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter:

“In a single sentence, it’s a social network for the creative community to connect to their fans.”

The new Myspace can best be described as a mashed up version of Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest with a focus on music integration.

Speaking to the Guardian, Emily White, co-founder of Whitesmith Entertainment and Readymade Records reminds us that Myspace still lands at the top of search results for many artists. White tells the publication:

“They do have all that traffic and all that data from previously being number one, so I feel like if they can rebrand themselves and take advantage of that, then that’s going to be really huge.”

While Myspace has not yet set an official re-launch date Tim Vanderhook admits that the site is 80% is completed and the remaining 20% will be designed by Justin Timberlake and his fellow artists who understand the tools needed by musicians.

With Apple shuttering its Ping social music network and Twitter failing to use music based hashtags to make a dent in the market Myspace could still succeed by capitalizing on its music know how.

Here is the Myspace preview video posted online by Justin Timberlake:

I am willing to give Myspace another chance now that it doesn’t look like something I would have visiting in the 10th grade.

Do you think Myspace still has a future in social networking with Justin Timberlake’s help?