August 18, 2016
Taylor Swift's New Look Reminds Fans Of Her First Hairstyle -- Throwback Thursday To T-Swift's Old Myspace Blog

Taylor Swift's new look reminds fans of her first signature hairstyle when T-Swift emerged as the sweet, curly-haired blonde singing "Teardrops on My Guitar" back in 2009. Taylor Swift has changed up her look more times than we can count, but the country star recently traded in her sleek bob for a more natural, curly look.

The country curls appear to be making a comeback, as Taylor was spotted celebrating her best friend and supermodel Karli Kloss' 24th birthday while rocking an off-the-shoulder black crop top with a bold, pink lip and bouncy curls.

Swift said goodbye to her hair straightener in favor of letting her natural curls loose at the summer party in the Hamptons, according to the Huffington Post. Bringing back her style from her Tim McGraw days has sparked a frenzy among fans who are speculating whether her new do is any sort of indication to whether Swift's next album may be more country focused.

According to the singer's discography, the singer has generally put out an album every two years. Her latest album, 1989, came out in October of 2014.

The country singer appears to be keeping up with the look and was seen out in NYC this week sporting a pair of denim overalls with her curly bob pulled back into a clip.

Take a look back at Taylor's original signature hairdo and enjoy some secondhand embarrassment from T-Swift's old Myspace blog for Throwback Thursday.

Buzzfeed stumbled upon some of Taylor Swift's old Myspace blogs, which take us back to the early 2000s when Taylor was just a young girl trying to make it in the country music business. And, yes, her posts are just as cringe-worthy as you would imagine.


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Before all of the glitz and glam, Taylor Swift kept in touch with her fans and posted an array of photos with her cats (some things never change) on Myspace.

"I love all the girls who have my song on their myspaces, Taylor Swift wrote on August 4, 2006.

Most people know that the majority of Swift's inspiration for her music comes from her relationships. It started back with her first cheating anthem in 2006 called "You Should've Said No."

"It's called 'You Should've Said No' and it's about being cheated on.. dun dun dunnn... Yeah," the singer wrote on August 12, 2006.

Swift really reached Myspace fame in 2009 when her account got hacked. You know you haven't made it until people are trying to hack you.

"It's that time of year again! Someone decided to hack into my myspace. Cool, right? I just love it when they hack in and delete my pictures and change my top friends and wreak other various forms of havoc," Swift posted in November of 2008.

Swift is seen on her Myspace page posing with friends, her bandmates, fans, and her cats. However, one thing remains constant -- her signature curly locks.

Swift has changed her look more times than we can count, but back in the day, she kept her locks natural and bouncy. She was once easily recognized by her golden, shoulder-length tresses.

taylor swift new look
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Taylor's new hairstyle is giving fans major throwback vibes and has left them wondering if she will return to her country roots with her next upcoming album. Swift has not yet announced the date of her next album release.

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