Aliens In ‘Black Triangle UFO’ Abducted Flock Of 1,500 Sheep In Lincolnshire, England, According To Conspiracy Theorist [Video]

A conspiracy theory documentary claims that a flock of 1,500 sheep that disappeared overnight from a field in Lincolnshire in September 2011 was abducted by aliens in a "black triangle" UFO spacecraft.

The mystery of the disappearance of the flock of sheep from a field at Stenigot, near Louth, Lincolnshire, England, in September of 2011 was never solved by local police investigators, and no one in the area claimed to have seen or heard anything during the night the sheep disappeared mysteriously.

Lincolnshire Echo reports that although arrests were made at the time, no one was ever charged or prosecuted in relation to the missing 1,500 sheep.

But a documentary by Rich Planet TV, first uploaded to the YouTube channel of Richard Hall -- who apparently runs Rich Planet TV website -- in 2015, suggests a startling answer to the mystery of the missing 1,500 sheep.

According to Rich Planet TV, extraterrestrials stole the sheep from the field.

The documentary maker interviews several locals who give testimonies supporting the seemingly outlandish theory that the mystery of the missing 1,500 sheep was a case of alien animal abduction.

The locals claimed to have sighted strange UFOs hovering in the sky on the night that the flock of 1,500 sheep disappeared from the field in Stenigot, Lincolnshire, England, without a trace.

Eric Goring, a UFO enthusiast from Brinkhill, which is located south of Louth, claimed that the sheep might have been abducted by a "black triangle" UFO he had often seen in the past flying and hovering over the area.

"I saw these white or orange or yellow balls of light which turned out to be the black triangle," Goring said. "They were out on the fields going round and round lit up bright and then when they got closer I could see the black triangle."

"I've seen the black triangle hundreds of times and up to 40 in one night. The triangular objects are around 30 feet long on each side," he said. "I have seen them come down to the ground at thousands of miles an hour. They come straight to the ground, they loop out and then go up again. They float and they make no noise."

Black triangle UFOs are a special category of alien UFOs that conspiracy theorists believe were reverse-engineered by some top technological countries after they were recovered from crash sites such as Roswell in New Mexico.

The U.S. government is believed to have black triangle UFOs that are black project copies of alien UFOs recovered from crash sites.

Another witness, Morag Taylor, a cab driver from Alford, also in Lincolnshire, claimed that while driving from Skegness to Louth on the night that the sheep went missing, she saw a mysterious UFO hovering in the air.

"I was driving along and there was a thing hovering in the sky with lights, it was too big to be a star," she said. "Then it just shot away at speed. I thought it was much faster than a Harrier jet."

"It was quite low -- probably about three storeys high. It was quite big, probably the size of an articulated lorry," she continued. "It was very dark, no luminosity, but it had legs and there were lights just above the legs. It was triangular."

A black triangle UFO hovers
A black triangle UFO [Image via Shutterstock]

A third witness claimed to have seen a "huge spherical object" hovering in the sky while driving from Alford to Mablethorpe near Louth, according to Express.

"I came round a corner and my little girl, who was in the back, screamed," he said. "The car in front stopped. There was a grey, egg-shaped thing. I would say it was three times longer than the width of the road."

"It was stopped right above the road. It was absolutely huge, bigger than a plane," he continued. "All of a sudden it shot back in the opposite direction it came from."

According to the documentary, the testimonies give sufficient evidence that the sheep may have been spirited away by aliens in UFOs.

"I don't think any open minded person would doubt there is something peculiar going on in the skies near this sparsely populated area."

Responding to questions from skeptics about how aliens were able to load 1,500 frightened, bleating sheep into their UFO during the night without drawing attention, some conspiracy theorists argued that aliens need not have come down from their UFO to capture the sheep. They probably projected powerful tractor beams that lifted the sheep silently into their UFO.

An alien animal abduction
Alien UFO uses tractor beam to abduct an animal [Image via Shutterstock]

UFO enthusiasts argued that only a procedure based on advanced alien technology, such as tractor beam technology, could explain why the lengthy investigation by police yielded no clues about the fate of animals.

But UFO blogger Scott C. Waring admitted in comments posted to his UFO Sightings Daily blog that the alien craft that took the sheep away must have been huge.

"For a UFO to take them, it had to be huge," he wrote, "unless it had some kind of shrinking technology to transport things more easily."

"This should be of national importance to the UK and needs deeper investigation into it," he added.

Conspiracy theorists believe that aliens are behind multiple mysterious cases of mutilated and missing farm animals since the last century. It is claimed that aliens collect biological material from animals, including sheep, cattle, goats, and horses, for use in genetic hybridization research.

Some claim that the Tall Gray alien species have been conducting abductions of animals and humans under a treaty signed with the U.S. government in 1954 during the administration of President Dwight Eisenhower.

The Grenada Treaty, as the alien-human treaty is called, granted Tall Grays the right to abduct an unspecified number of animals but a very limited number of humans.

But the Grays violated the treaty by conducting indiscriminate large-scale abductions of animals and humans.

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