‘Fear The Walking Dead’ Spoilers: Season 2, Episode 9 Takes An Unexpected Turn

Fear the Walking Dead spoilers ahead!

Season 2, Episode 9 of Fear the Walking Dead has plenty of surprises and ample spoilers in store for viewers. After last night’s constant action, next week’s installment of the spinoff series will take viewers on an interesting journey. In bits and pieces, viewers learn more and more about leading characters. Episode 8 took fans on a spiritual journey through the mind and struggle of Nick.

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Nick chooses to venture off on his own in the beginning of the episode toward the town of Tijuana. His path is wrought with walkers, and he manages to escape death by a thin margin time after time. In true form, Fear the Walking Dead will always be packed full of death-defying entertainment.

Nick suffers many violent flashbacks of his father during his trip, expanding on the character’s personal roots and afflictions. He flashes back to a time when he was in rehab with his girlfriend too. In the end, Fear the Walking Dead writers allow him to make it to Tijuana in rough shape, suffering a vicious dog bite to the leg and countless other scrapes. Luciana’s group spots him and takes him in to be treated for his wounds.

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Warning: Fear The Walking Dead Episode 9 spoilers to follow.

The ninth installment of the season follows up on the previous Nick-centric, premiere. Once Nick heals from his wounds, he is quickly subjected to a rather radical way of thinking. During a recent interview, producer Dave Erickson spilled out his own spoilers in the form of insight on the direction of Episode 9.

In regards to Nick’s situation, Erickson explained, “The belief system that he finds when he gets to the colony is somewhat extreme. You see that in Episode 9.”

The season’s ninth installment jumps between several characters. Although Fear the Walking Dead viewers are eager to see the show’s main group reunited, Erickson said, “It’s not going to be until season 3 that we see any semblance of our family returned.”

Similar to the show’s parent series, Fear the Walking Dead will not quickly reunite the group. The writers will, however, provide ample updates and hints at spoilers for all of the characters that are vital to the story’s plot. The second half of season two will explain where everyone is within the first three shows.

The official synopsis for the ninth installment to the show states, “After the fall of the compound, Madison, Strand, and others forge a tenuous path forward. Meanwhile, Nick is recruited for a perilous assignment.”

Dave Erickson recently discussed the story and the symbolism of Alejandro.

“He’s a pharmacist. He says this in 9. And, as a pharmacist, he was someone in the community who had a certain degree of respect and was almost like a father figure – because, in some neighborhoods, the pharmacist is the local doctor for all intents and purposes. So it makes sense that he would become something of a central figure to the people of the colony once the apocalypse hits. But we find out in 9 that there’s something more to him [that] has elevated him and given him almost a mythological status in this community,” he explained.

Season 2, Episode 9 of Fear the Walking Dead will air in its entirety on August 27. AMC’s hit spinoff series begins at 9 p.m. ET. Keep a watchful eye out for more Fear the Walking Dead spoilers and sample the adventures before they officially air on television.

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